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Venus in Gemini Explained

Updated on September 17, 2011

Venus is the ruler of love and the style with which you engage in romance will be greatly influenced by where the planet was when you were born. If you've got a Cassanova style that seems to contradict your sun or moon sign, you'll probably find that your "love sign" has a powerful placement and voila, all will be understood! Your Venus sign will affect how you love, who you love and why you love. To learn more about your own personal Venus in Gemini love sign, please continue reading below!

Silver Tongued Cassanova

Venus in Gemini may not have all the verbal skills the classic Gemini has, but they will certainly be able to talk their way straight into your heart. They will have a gift for saying the sweetest things, or the most flattering things, or the most impressive things you could ever want to hear -- and it will all be so perfectly personalized for you that you'd swear they've never said anything like it to anyone else. Not that they have... but they are so talented at waxing poetic that you will probably find yourself wondering where they learned it in the first place. The answer? Born with it! These folks are just superstars when it comes to verbal romance, so stop analyzing it and let yourself be flattered!


Non-Committal Norman

Venus in Gemini has a hard time committing, be they male or female. This does not mean they don't love you, nor that they don't want to settle down and have 10 kids as soon as possible, but that Gemini energy floating around will give them cold feet more often than not. You will need a lot of patience if you want to land a Venus in Gemini for a mate. If you want marry them, or even just live together, you should first be absolutely sure they are the type who won't get bored after the first week. My suggestion? Have a week-long holiday at home, yours or theirs, and see how it goes. And keep things exciting, because Gemini really needs it. On the other hand, if you're just in town to party, these people will show you a party you'll never forget.

Social Networker to the 10th Power

Venus in Gemini might love being near you, but he or she will need to be around lots of other people, and frequently. Believe me, this is not a bad thing, because it will take a lot of pressure off their partner having to entertain them with every topic under the sun. These people need constant mental stimulation and it can be utterly exhausting for their partners. This doesn't mean you should just send them out on their own and expect them back in a few days -- you can always go along with them and meet other new people on your own at the same gatherings. But I recommend against trying to tether Venus in Gemini to your apron strings or taking on the task of keeping them entertained all on your own, all of the time. It's just too big an undertaking!


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