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Venus in Sagittarius Explained

Updated on September 25, 2011

The real "love sign" of the zodiac is your Venus placement. If your chart says Venus was in Sagittarius at the time of your birth, then that is the truest representation of your love style and it will color your character and behavior in your romantic relationships. Your sun sign and moon sign will also play a part, but you can be sure that your Sagittarius Venus will have a significant say in how you fall in love and how you are with your partner. To learn more about this Venus sign, please see below!


The Happy-Go-Lucky Flirt

Sagittarius is a flirty little sign, and they do enjoy making the rounds at social gatherings. They will come across as happy, laidback and chatty, and they have a playful flirting style. So playful, in fact, that it will probably take you awhile to figure out whether or not they are teasing you, or seriously interested. The reason for this is simple -- they are fast-moving Casanova's and it can take some time before even they are sure of how they feel about you. But in the meantime, they are happy to shower you with attention whilst getting to know you. They will entertain you with interesting stories, and their many philosophies about life. And if you're able to captivate them as easily as they've managed to captivate you, their playful flirtation will likely switch gears toward the more serious, because Sagittarius knows a good thing when they've found it.

Bold and Blunt

There are other signs in the zodiac capable of great bluntness, but none of them are quite so famous for being so as Venus in Sagittarius. The difference between Sagittarius and other signs, however, is that Sagittarius will view their bluntness as practical and helpful (for your own personal development, obviously!) as opposed to having been designed to put you down. The first time you're on the receiving end of this wisdom, your first reactions will probably be anger and irritation. But before you allow their blunt, abrasive "advice" to put you off them forever, remember that they really feel they have said it in your own best interest. Also remember, they are pretty good about taking what they dish out, and once you've realized you speak just as freely with them without fear of sparking a temper-tantrum, you may come to embrace their famous bluntness and use it as tool for mutual personal development. (Of course, it wouldn't hurt if they could work on softening the delivery a bit.... you do get more flies with honey, and all that.)

Freedom is Key

If you're in love with Venus in Sagittarius, you will need to come to terms with their need for freedom. They are capable of committing, and they are capable of loyalty, but they will rebel against both when they feel forcibly tethered to anyone. Of course, that's often easier said than done, because they do need to go out and explore the social world a good deal more frequently than most, but you could always go along for the ride and embrace the situation as best you can. If you're the jealous sort, this sign might not be the best match for you, because Sagittarius is unlikely to stop flirting just because they have a partner. Fortunately, Sagittarius is both blunt AND very honest, and if you suspect something is up, simply ask them and they will tell you. This is the key to a successful relationship with Venus in Sagittarius!


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