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Venus in Taurus Explained

Updated on September 17, 2011

Your Venus sign is basically your love sign. It's whatever sign the planet Venus was in at the time of your birth, and this will have a great effect on your love personality -- but not necessarily anything else, unless you've placements in your chart that are easily affected by it. So, if your sun sign seems to have nothing at all to do with your love / relationship style, this is why! It may be that your sun and Venus are in the same sign, but if you're totally opposite in love to what your sun or moon should be, keep reading to learn how Venus in Taurus affects you. This is the Goddess of Love's sign after all!

Tangible Love, Please!

Venus in Taurus needs tangible love. It is not enough to wax poetic in letters, over the phone, or by text messaging. These people MUST have something tangible to grasp onto, or they will come undone. That is not to say they are clingy and needy -- no, no, no.


I am more making the point that these folks will not do well in a long-distance relationship because that would be like sticking a tree in the basement and expecting it to bear fruit at some point. Of course, these people are extremely loyal and if they or their partner are called away for work, or military duty, you can trust them completely. But boy, will it be hard for Venus in Taurus to cope with. These folks really need huge doses of cuddling, snogging, holding hands and the like or they could start to wither away on an emotional level.

Rock Steady

Those with this Venus sign are not prone to panic or freak outs, even when faced with a Screaming Mimi partner. Venus in Taurus has very good control of their emotions and will not let him or herself be dragged down into emotional drama or outbursts. This does not mean they don't feel anything in these moments -- they do! But they will not allow their emotions to send them flying off the handle. On the other hand, their partners should not use this an excuse to go mad over small things and vent all of their frustrations on Taurus simply because they know a level of self-control will be maintained. And take note, those who might try: Venus in Taurus has a lot of patience, but once it's lost, it's lost on a permanent basis. Which brings me to the next item....

Top Class Grudge Holders!

Venus in Taurus is loving and kind and all that good stuff, but when you get on their bad side, they will shun you in ways that would impress the Amish. I have seen husbands of this sign ignore their wives, whilst living in the same house and sharing the same bed, for nearly a year. And I've seen it repeated six months after the thaw ended. Taurus simply doesn't forgive easily once they've been pushed past their limit. So if you are with one of these folks, it's best to engage in small arguments than big bouts of hysteria because the bigger the blowup, the longer the grudge.


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