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Venus in Virgo Explained

Updated on September 23, 2011

The location of Venus in your natal chart is what determines your true style in love. If you've got a Venus in Virgo placement, this is the energy you will bring to the table when you're in love with someone. There will be other aspects at work, of course, but this one in particular will have a strong influence, even if these characteristics seem to contradict your sun or moon sign. (Which is precisely why the entire birth chart need be taken into account before an astrological portrait can be drawn!) To learn more about this astrological love sign, please continue reading!


Closet Crush

Venus in Virgo is not going to rush up to someone and announce being in love with them. Oh, no. They will first spend a great deal of time testing the waters before they dive in head first. These people will keep their love hidden in the closet while trying to behave as platonically as possible as they do their best to ascertain whether or not you dig them, too. In the meantime, they'll be fabulous listeners and great friends should you need anything from them. They will prove themselves to be dependable, but without any fanfare. They are too practical for this, and they will not expect much in return for their efforts, apart from basic appreciation and respect. Which seems pretty reasonable to me!

Critical Chrissie

Virgo is the great criticizer. They can't help it. Really. If they don't like someone, they can be severely critical and send their barbs home with a swiftness. But even if they do like someone, or even love them, they can be just as critical. Fortunately they do tend to make an effort to soften the blow in these cases, but they will not refrain from criticizing you just because you're wearing their ring or sharing their last name. Bear in mind that, to them, they are helping you evolve into a better person and they really believe they are doing you a favor. And maybe they are... I guess it depends on what habit they are going on about! Of course, turnabout is fair play and Virgo is actually quite good about taking criticism when dished out in a pragmatic manner.

Easy to Please

For all their criticisms, Venus in Virgo is actually really easy to please. These folks are not romanticists and they will not get upset if you don't bring them flowers or chocolate. What they want most is a well-oiled machine. In other words, it's all the little things that need to be organized on a daily basis that matter most to Virgo. When things are off-schedule or in total disarray, this really gets under their skin and arguments will start brewing. They will actually manage most of these things on their own, so the best thing you can do is to not create chaos where they've just created order. And if they ask you to do some small, but practical task (such as taking the trash out) don't make a big fuss about it. Someone needs to do it, and the fact is that Virgo probably already spends loads of time taking care of tons of other little details on your behalf without ever asking for anything much in return. Therefore, it's probably a really small price to pay to keep your Venus in Virgo feeling satisfied in love.


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