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Versatility of Herbs

Updated on July 7, 2011

Herbal Use in Centuries Long Gone

The use of herbs has a long and rich history in every part of the world. Herbs have played a major role in healing, magick, religion, superstition, divination, and connection with deity.

Ancient people believed that all plants and herbs possessed either a spirit or demon, depending on if the herb was thought to help heal or if the herb was thought to cause harm. Egyptians and early civilizations worked to harness and direct the magickal powers of plants by using them to cure disease, warding off misfortune, divining the future, and appeasing the Gods and Goddesses.

Herbs have been used for centuries as amulets for protection, dried and burned for magickal purposes, added to ointments and brews, to heal or curse people, to conjure or banish spirits and demons, to enchant gardens and homes, to help flavor and preserve food, to help guide us on our paths of transformation and self-improvement, assist in opening the doors to spiritual realms and other worlds, and to help us connect with Mother Nature and the Divine.

Why We Use Herbs in Magickal Workings and Rituals

We believe that each herb has a distinct vibration and essence that can be used to assist in our rituals and spell work. It is the general belief that each herb and plant has a gender, is ruled by planets and elements, and are sacred to certain Gods and Goddesses. All parts of the plant are magickly significant, whether it is the roots, buds, flowers, stems, or bark.

Even dandelions and clovers have their uses

Pictured here are: Top (from left to right) snapdragon, violets, & carnation. Middle (from left to right) basil, rosemary, & mint Bottom  (from left to right) dandelion, clover, & african violet
Pictured here are: Top (from left to right) snapdragon, violets, & carnation. Middle (from left to right) basil, rosemary, & mint Bottom (from left to right) dandelion, clover, & african violet

Herbs Can Be Used In A Variety of Way

Herbs are a natural part of our lives that we have been using in a variety of ways for thousands of years. While I doubt that we are using them as much as our ancestors did in centuries past, I think that many of us are attempting to use the natural properties of herbs to their full advantages as we know them today.

  • Sachets and/or Charms

    • Carried in a purse or briefcase for good luck, wisdom, courage, etc...

    • Hang around your home or in your car for protection, healing, spirituality, etc...

    • Can be buried around your home for protection, garden magick, getting rid of bad habits, etc...

    • Sachets can be made and burned in various spells (such as a love spell)

  • Incense

    • Can be burned to cleanse your sacred space before spell work or rituals

    • Can be burned to use its specific vibrations in order to assist us in spell work or rituals

    • Can be burned to honor the elements of Air

    • Can be burned as aromatherapy

  • Bath (sachets)

    • Can be used to cleanse our minds and bodies before rituals and spell work

    • Can be used to calm and relax our mind and bodies before sleeping or meditation

    • Can be used to help heal skin conditions

  • Oils

    • Used to anoint candles before using them in spell work or rituals

    • Used to anoint people or items during a ritual, spell work, or blessing

    • Used to moisturize your skin, hair, or nails

    • Used to help heal skin conditions

    • Can be used in cooking to flavor dishes

    • Can be used in cooking to help heal sickness

  • Teas

    • Can be drunk to help heal sickness

    • Can be drunk to relax and calm your mind and body

    • Can be drunk to help alter your consciousness before spell work, ritual, or divination

  • Smoking

    • Can be smoked to calm and relax body and mind before spell work or ritual

    • Can be smoked to assist in altering your consciousness before spell work, ritual, or divination

Everything Can Be Used

A lot of us are growing our own herbs because this helps us to connect to the herbs before they are used in spell work and ritual. When this is done, we infuse the herb with our energies as they grow and mature. While this isn't ideal for everyone, even having a small magickal garden on a window ledge of your 3 or 4 most commonly used herbs can make a huge difference.

You should take the time to read through some of the sites and articles and you will be amazed at what can be used. Even if you live in town there are herbs and flowers that can be found to be used. There are no such things as weeds. You will find that even something as common as a clover or dandelion has its uses.

My E-Book Now Available

I have spent some time lately creating an e-book for my fellow Wiccans, Witch's, and Pagans.

It has all of the common tools that we use along with history, lore, where to buy, how to make (if possible), and correspondences.

I have created this because I know how convenient it is to have all of the information available and easily accessible. I even find myself using this all the time simply for the correspondences.

This book contains information on your altar, Book of Shadows, candles, essential oils, herbs, incense, pentagram/pentacle, mortar & pestle, athame, boline, wand, cauldron, chalice, besom, offering dish, bell, bowls of salt & water, statues, clothing & jewelry, and the lighter & matches.

Tools of Witchcraft


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