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Vibrations and their role in Universe

Updated on August 17, 2015

Everything in Universe (and in all God’s Creation, larger than a universe) moves according to its own rhythm, which is determined by God’s Will – all, from the tiniest inconceivable invisible particles, atoms, molecules, cells – to the indefinitely huge formations – stars, galaxies, universes… As above, so below – as in micro world everything vibrates, so in macro world there are similar processes.

When thrown into the smooth mirror-like surface of water, a stone will create waves around itself. In the same way, All-That-Is, vibrating with its own frequency, creates waves with the same frequency of vibration all around.

In the multidimensional, infinite Creation of God there exists thin invisible matter, which gradually transforms into more solid, visible physical matter. Every density of matter has its own frequency – vibration, the rhythm of which is strictly set by God. This is the order of all Being. Movement is life, and movement is initiated by The Supreme Being. The breath of God moves everything, it sustains life in all Creation. God’s exhalation is the process of involution (from thin matter to thick one) and inhalation is the evolution process (from thick matter to thin one). In our Universe we now undergo the evolution stage, where everything is getting thinner and reaching out for God. God’s inhalation directs, turns all Creation to Himself.

Vibrations and their universal functions

All vibrations can be conventionally subdivided into constructive and destructive ones. Every vibration moves another, one “step” lower than itself, and creates conditions for it to exist. This is the order set by God, for every being lives with the purpose of sustaining life in another being. Just like the grass sacrifices itself to feed the herbivorous animals, which, in their turn, feed the carnivorous ones.

A human being, just as the Universe, is a multidimensional creature, consisting of vibrations of many frequencies. The spirit, the soul, an atom, a molecule, a cell, an organ, the body – they all have their own frequency of vibration, determined by God as most appropriate for survival in certain conditions. The higher one supports the one step lower one, and so on, in chain to infinity.

Vibration of sin

When a person sins, he or she breaks the rhythm of his or her being (the healthy vibration). The succession in the chain is broken, the vital interconnection is out of order. The chaos and disorderly movement appear instead. Sinful deeds are vibrations of very low frequency, which turn the healthy vibrations in a human being onto unhealthy ones. The sin spoils the normal rhythm of existence. Therefore, sufferings enter our lives.

The wisdom of God defined and created the conditions of living for everything and everybody. An animal lives on the ground, and fish dwell in water. A cell cannot live in low vibrations and the soul, when in disharmony, cannot radiate the light of Spirit. Happiness cannot come because of absence of Love, and we can grow spiritually only laying aside our low vibrational states.

The table below will provide a clear explanation why God restricts us in our deeds, what is allowed and what is not.

Classifiaction of vibrations after Skvortsov A., Khmelinska Y.

Destructive emotions (vibrations in Hertz)

  • Low: 9.7 - 26
  • Medium low: 2.7-9.7
  • The lowest: 0 – 2.7

Constructive emotions (vibrations in Hertz)

  • High: 26- 56
  • Medium high: 56 - 115
  • The highest: 115 - 205

Destructive emotions and their frequencies

Emotions, feelings
Vibration frequencies (in Hertz)
0.1 - 2.6
0.2 - 2.2
0.6 - 3.3
0.6 - 1.9
0.7 - 3.5
0.9 - 3.8

Constructive emotions and their frequencies

Emotions, feelings
Vibration frequencies (in Hertz)
38 and more
gratefulness (thank you)
love (from your mind)
gratefulness (from your heart)
140 and more
144 and more
love (from your heart)
150 and more
unconditional love
205 and more

© 2015 Iuliya Ishkhanyan


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    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 

      3 years ago from California

      This is a fascinating subject. Is getting easier for the general public to research and at least try to understand the mechanisms of the universe in relation to it's vibration.

    • SylviaSky profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Very informative article!

    • 10000001 profile image

      madugundu krishna 

      3 years ago from Yemmiganur

      God is great


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