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Fulfilled Prophecy of the October 2007 Fires in Southern California

Updated on September 14, 2014

Hurricane Katrina

A once in a hundred year hurricane destroys New Orleans just before the national homosexual "Decadence Parade".
A once in a hundred year hurricane destroys New Orleans just before the national homosexual "Decadence Parade".

January 3, 2004 Prophetic Word

Vincent Xavier of Temecula, California writes prophetic words. Like most who walk with the Holy Spirit, he does not always understand the word. Many prophetic words are not understood until after they come to pass. When Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up again in three days," those who heard it did not understand. In their understanding, they thought Jesus claimed he could rebuild the Temple of the Lord, the largest building in Jerusalem, in just three days. Even at Jesus' trial, accusers reported that Jesus had threatened to destroy the Temple building. In fact, "this temple" referred to Jesus' own body.

In January, 2004, Mr. Xavier wrote:

"I have heard the words RECESSION and ASSASSINATION. I have warned this nation of a terrible storm called Euroclydon that is about to hit America. We saw the first fruits of this storm with the power outages on the East Coast, the hurricane that struck the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. and then the Fires that raged in Southern California.

We have experienced a measure of peace since early November, yet I sense another wind is about to blow." - V. Xavier

We have already seen the recession, and are in it now. This current recession is said to have started in October, 2008. However, the "wind" portion of this word came after less than 18 months. In August, 2005, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans and surrounding cities.

We will see in this article that the Lord repeats this "wind" theme in prophetic messages delivered to Mr. Xavier.

SoCal burning in October, 2007

August 13, 2004: California Earthquake Prophecy


"NOW I SPEAK to Southern California and the WesternCoast of the United States. Your judgment is ripe and when it comes you will know that justice has been served. Those who have labored beneath your filth will know the justification. Your Cities and States shall not only burn with fire but shall be destroyed by flood and QUAKE! I am going to ROCK YOUR STATE CALIFORNIA. The most vicious and unclean spirits are being released within your borders and you shall be SHOCKED AND AWED!" - V. Xavier

Again, here is a multiple part prophecy. This is a very typical format for the Lord. There are three warnings: fire, flood & quake. The fire portion has been fulfilled twice already in California.

Do those who labor here know the justification for the fires? Yes. God is justified and fair when he burns our state. Sodom and Gomorrah were burned for lascivious actions and lifestyle. Because of blatant and aggressive homosexuality and perversion, God destroys cities.

Leaders of America, because you gave me not the glory when you legalized the abomination of homosexuality and all kinds of perverse engagements, I WILL SMITE YOU, EACH AND EVERY ONE, EVEN THOSE WHO HAVE LEFT THEIR POSTS ALREADY!

The spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah has grown and taken root in America and laws are being passed to silence the voice of the only people in the earth that could withstand this movement.

Fires at Night in SoCal, October '07

June, 2007: More Warnings of Fire


I declare fire upon the Harlot, so that the true Church, the glorious Church may emerge and take her rightful place in the power and authority of the Kingdom and Spirit of God!

Fireman Fights Wind in October, 2007

A Very Clear Warning of Fire

Prophecy 7-05-07

Your speeches are egocentric! Your speeches are devoid of my glory! Your speeches represent your ways and not mine! Your words shall fall to the ground! Your words shall not stand! I will blow upon them with the strength of my might and cause them to vanish away in the wind! My breath shall consume your words and they shall be burned up in the fire of my wrath!

Who is my angel? Who is my messenger? I have watchers about the earth who are watching the ways of men. I have given commission and the sword is drawn! You see not that you have offended the Most High God! You leaders of America, especially those on the West, have opened the door of abomination and the flood of justice shall flow through! My rage will not be tamed! A fire has been kindled and it will not go out, for a devouring fire shall burn beyond the control of men and the damage shall be great!

The damage was very great. Records were set for largest fire, (at Witch Creek), and for most acres burned. A half million acres were burned in Southern California during the October fires. That is equivalent to two-thirds of the entire state of Rhode Island, or about a third of Delaware.

The fires lasted from around October 21st (winter solstice, a pagan and satanic high day) and men were only able to finally control the fires when the Santa Ana winds yielded. The last fire day was November 9th. That is 11/9. Notice the numbers from 9-11? Before the winds yielded, the fire was beyond the control of men.

2000 prisoners, National Guard soldiers, California fire fighters, fire men from Mexico, and many volunteers, were unable to stop the fires when the Santa Ana wind blew and fueled and spread the fires.

Saddleback Mountains Burning

Many homes of members to Demonic Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church burned.
Many homes of members to Demonic Pastor Rick Warren's Saddleback Church burned.

July 11, 2006


The Lord said to write these words down in a book that when they are fulfilled they will be a witness to His word. This is what the Lord say’s; A great fire has come to the shores of America and the fire will begin in the homes and ministries of the false prophets. God said that he sent a strong delusion in the land so that those who have rejected Him and have not obeyed His gospel might be deceived and go into destruction. (READ 1KINGS 22 the whole chapter) and (2Thesselonians 2:1-11)

During the fires, many homes of members of Rick Warren's Saddleback Church were burned. I hope and pray that those people will have an awakening to make their losses worthwhile.

Five weeks after this warning, Warren's church hosted a conference for homosexual activists. Rick Warren's books, including the popular "The Purpose Driven Life", are all published by porn magnate Larry Flynt.

Schwarzenneger Signing Documents

Multiple Fulfillments

These warnings from Vincent Xavier, and from many other men and women of God, foretold that if the leaders would refuse to listen to God, fire would come. And, it came within one week. In 2008, the next year, an even worse fire hit Northern California after a law permitting homosexual marriage was passed.

Before the fires, a word Xavier posted on 11-11-06 began to circulate via email. It is titled "A Time for Holy Fire".

by Vincent Xavier

The chariots have come upon the land and the sound of their wheels will grow
louder and louder as the days go by. Soon, very soon a wailing noise will
shake the foundations of the false foundation that multiplied millions have
built their lives upon. The sandy foundation of a false Gospel is about to
collapse and the walls called salvation are about to be blown down.

The Lord mocks those who have fallen! 'BECAUSE I HAVE CALLED, AND YE

I am going to blow down the walls of false security and reveal the nakedness
and shame that has hid behind them! I have begun America and church in
America, I have already begun to expose your shame as I said I would. I gave
you time to repent but you would not! Now your leaders are being exposed as
Sodomites and Lesbians. The rulers of America are women and not men! The
leaders of the Christian Church are hirelings and not true Shepherds for
they care nothing for my flock! They have fleeced the flock and raped the
children! They have taken the best for themselves and have caused my people
to faint in the way and walk about with little. I will bring planes down
with the great evangelists in them! I will blow so hard upon the wall that
those who daubed it and those who are hid behind it shall become a prey to
the wild beasts in the field. A great devouring shall take place around the
nation of America and the Christian leadership will grope for excuses to
protect their ministries, but I will blow with such strength that no excuses
will be found. The devastation that I am bringing upon the Laodecian church
in America is going to be great.

Your churches are full of people who have no genuine salvation! You have
within your walls fornicators, gossipers, slanderers, and wolves dressed in
sheep's clothing waiting for their opportunity to devour the sheep. You have
adulterers and homosexuals and lesbians within your gates and liars and
thieves. You are filled with hypocrites! And yet in the midst of this rank
condition the shepherds cry PEACE! PEACE! They have lied to a people who
love to hear lies! In the midst of such horrible and detestable abominations
are another kind of people, a people who are afflicted and mourn and are
wounded by the condition of my house! I will cleanse it! I will purge my
house and I will send my Holy Fire into its gates and will consume the works
of the enemy and deliver my people out of the hands of those who have ruled
them in passivity and seduction. I will tear away the admiration of shepherds and elders within the walls of my house and will cause their names to become a proverb among my people. I will confront the soothsayers within my church that desire to comfort and bless what I have disturbed and cursed.

The Church in America is SICK! It has been grievously wounded and I am
bringing a medicine into it that will surely heal its woundedness. I am
sending fire! I am sending Holy Fire, say's the Lord to purify the house!
The false prophets have lied to the people! They have seduced them into a
belief that is not true, and indeed they have believed the lie! Oh how
feeble are your men! Oh how well your women have taken the reigns within my
church. You have heard for so long the heart of a mother but you have not
listened to the voice of the fathers! Where are your fathers oh America?
Where are your fathers oh Church in America? They are lying in the bed of
Jezebel, slain and wounded that they cannot rise! Where are your fathers'
churches in America? In bed with homosexuals, using drugs, committing
fornication, bowing to images; that is where they are! They are bound up
with filthy mammon, trapped in the snares of adulteresses! What has become
of the children? They are exposed and vulnerable!

Yet the false shepherds say to the sinners in Zion; 'FEAR NOT! EVERYTHING IS
GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!' This abomination will be dealt with severely. Now I
will continue to contend with the prophets who have prophesied lies in my
name. They say that God will not allow disaster to hit America. Tell the
false prophets I have already begun to withdraw my hand from the nation.
Tell them to open their eyes and see the Eastern Seaboard cities that were
struck by my furious storm. Tell them to go to Oklahoma and see the
memorials of hundreds of men, women and children who died in a minute. Tell
them to go stand in the space where the two tallest buildings in the world
once stood. Ask the false prophets of their agenda. Ask them if they have
spoken a sanctifying word to the sinners in Zion. I AM ready to contend!
Unsheathe your swords and I will release my glittering spear! Speak your
words and I will loose my voice of many waters and it shall flood the earth
with righteousness and justice! I AM ready say's the Lord, I AM ready to
contend! Now I will rip the cover off and expose everything that has been
hidden in the darkness!

God will not be mocked much
longer...never will He be mocked...

Schwarzenneger Signs Anti-God Law

When Arnold Schwarzenneger signed these two bills, it opened a door to introduce perverse thoughts and perverse actions to the youth of the state.

Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger signed the bill on October 12, 2007. Normally, the satan worshipers known as the NWO or the Illuminati like to sign on the 13th. But, the 13th was a Saturday. Friday the 12th was the closest business day.

Vincent Xavier's Prophecies warned for more than three and a half years that refusal by government officials would bring fire. When the law was signed, the first promised just judgment came in 6 days: Fire in the ministries of the apostate pastors.

I am sure the homes of many kind people also burned. However, God promised to always give a warning, and those warnings came. Had those people been in prayer, if their lives were righteous, they would have been in another place, in another home. God does not punish the just.

Challenged to Document Vincent Xavier's Prophecies of Fire

More Rebellion Against God

On August 12, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law A.B. 1266. This law encourages and works to normalize gender identity confusion.

This is part of a global attack on gender differences. Recently, some male pop icons appeared in very public venues- in skirts. Vin Diesel and Kanye West were two of these.

The media has joined the male skirt image blitz. They spread two recent events nationwide. First, a protest by male train drivers in Sweden. In the hot summer, women can wear skirts, but males are denied shorts. So, the Swede men wore skirts. Photos were widely distributed. Second, some boys at a school convened their own skirt protest over the same issue: girls can wear cool skirts, but boys are required to wear long pants- no shorts permitted.

This gender bending is no accident. It is part of the attack on family. Gay marriage, removal of gender words from the entire Swedish language, a law forbidding men to urinate standing up in Germany, and the skirt campaign are part of reducing gender differences. This is to reduce marriage and reduce families.

God is not pleased.

As in 2004, as in 2006, God spoke with fire.

After the flood of Noah, God promised never again to destroy with water. There is no such guarantee against fire. In fact, on the "great and terrible day of the Lord," Jesus will return, send angels to catch up those who weep and mourn daily for the sin on this earth, and then burn the land and the sky (and the God-haters left there.)

All three times the state of California has passed laws to aid in corruption of the morality and sexuality of the youth, God responded with fire.

I pray your hearts open before it is too late, California!

Drought in California: 2014

California has not repented. The homosexual, anti-family agenda continues. Children are being taught sexual wickedness. New books even teach that the sexual exploration of one boy with another boy is "not gay."

So, the state continues to receive punishment. I sincerely hope a righteousness overtakes the state. Otherwise, who knows what terrible future awaits?

Comments: Do you know of other Xavier Prophecies?

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    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 8 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      In my personal life, I have seen many plans of the enemy broken by prayer.

      In national level prophecy, I have seen two that I believed were legitimate, and also were broken by prayer. These are:

      1. The prophecies of terrorist attack for January 23rd, 2006. The Lord confirmed to me afterward that this attack was destroyed by prayer.

      2. These planned attacks reported by Xavier and by many others.

      Remember, people, both of these events were CONFIRMED by real time intelligence. The Jan 23rd, 2006 incident was planned: the Christian underground intelligence network intercepted radio communications between agents in Texas on that day.

      On the Oct. 10th failed attack, the CIA picked up increased communications between AQ units- which has always preceded attacks. Additionally, an informant reported that these attacks were planned around that time. It is now passed the time frame the informant gave.


    • profile image

      Max Kline 8 years ago

      Mad from Modesto, your first paragraph does nothing for your case re: prophesying...most were frauds but some were accurate...remember the "hits" and ignore the "misses" that it?

      Second, peoples' constitutional rights in this country have been trampled on for years especially under the Bush administration, furthermore folk's rights have been violated for centuries in this country anyway. This fact demeans that prophesy altogether. It's like saying (like some "prophets") have claimed that there will be hurricanes, earthquakes, etc as divine punishment against humanity. Well...duh...we live on a cooling planet that is tectonically active and these things (hurricanes and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) happen all the time.

      Third, the fire prophesies, it would appear are slightly more accurate, but the fact remains that nearly all occur during high fire danger months thus reducing the credibility of these prophesies. Were there any prophetic warnings for the other 8 of the top 10 fires? And if so any prophetic warning must be highly specific in order for it to be credible...that's what makes VX's Oct disaster in DC so much fun. If nothing happens by Nov. 1st, his prophesy fails completely. So, either he lied or his god lied to him. I'm curious as to what you will say Modesto Man on Nov. 1st.

    • profile image

      Man from Modesto 8 years ago

      On November 1st, VX will be proven to be nothing "beyond a doubt."

      First, their have been many praying for this to fail, and for those involved to be captured, and put on the news. In the last two months, terrorists have been arrested in Texas and New York-- two of the target cities mentioned in the massive wave of prophecies that came forth in recent weeks. (Most were frauds, but some are legitimate warnings.)

      Second, VX's vision also mentioned that people would be stopped on American highways, their Constitutional rights violated in searches and seizures. This has already been confirmed: The wolf in sheep's clothing, "Pastor Anderson" was pulled from his car and severely beaten by Border Patrol agents. DAs in Texas now seize cash found in vehicles. They are allowed to assume it is drug related, and seize it.

      3. The fire prophecies were never predicted during any specific time at all. In the prophetic words, the element of the homosexual agenda and American leadership are mentioned. In each of the fires VX predicted, they followed passage of pro-homosexual, anti-Christian laws & bills. Both fires were national records for damage- in the top 10 of all history.

    • profile image

      Max Kline 8 years ago

      Yes, I have heard Mr Xavier's latest prophesy concerning the atomic bombing of DC in Oct. He is very specific stating that DC will be completely destroyed and it will not be a day late, meaning after Oct. He has placed himself against a wall with this prophesy. He states that it will DEFINATELY happen in Oct.

      Also concerning his fire prophesies in CA...I find it very interesting that these prophesies were for the months during fire danger each and every time. High fire danger occurs every year in CA, and so the fires, so his prophesies in that respect are nothing me predicting that Oklahoma or Kansas will be hit by tornadoes sometime in the spring.

      On Nov. 1st Mr. Xavier will be proven, beyond a doubt to be a FRAUD...pure and simple and on that date, if he is a man of god like he claims to be...he should repent and admit that he either lied or that his god lied to him with regard to his DC prophesying. Wake up people...the man is a raving lunatic...just listen to his last diatribe on Oct. 26th. The man needs to be put in a mental institution for observation.

      See you in November!


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