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Virgo Man and Libra Woman

Updated on February 6, 2011

Virgo man and Libra woman can have a nice relationship if Virgo man is willing to let her take the lead. It's not that she'll try to, it's just something that tends to happen naturally with these two. In the beginning, Virgo man won't know it's happening, but further into the relationship his eyes will open and he may start to panic, wondering how it happened, and if she's tricked him somehow. And, of course, she has! But not maliciously, mind -- she's simply a very good weaver of words and almost anything she says to her Virgo man sounds reasonable and logical to his his ears, making it easy for him to agree to everything. Nevertheless, at some point he may start to worry about her hold over him. To learn more, please see below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Virgo Man

Virgo man fancies himself a clever fellow, and that's because he is. His mind is sharp and his criticisms are usually spot on. Libra woman will appreciate his astuteness, but it must be said that she will not take kindly to any hyper-criticism aimed in her direction, so Virgo man will either need to keep his thoughts to himself when it comes to his Libra woman, or voice them only where there's a real need for it -- and let's face it, Virgo man, you rarely need to be so critical, you just enjoy it too much! Libra women will politely remind Virgo man of his own faults and he should take a lesson from her, because few people can cut through one's ego as gently as she can. On the plus side, something that will work very well for these two is Libra woman's laid back attitude to romance and affection. Virgo man isn't as passionate as other men, and this is perfectly ok for Libra woman, who doesn't need overt displays of it in the boudoir. 

Libra Woman

Libra woman is very good at taking the lead if need be, but it must be said that this is not her primary goal. She will only do this when necessary. In the case of Virgo man, she will step in when the need arises and gently get him back on the right path, should he stray for some reason. They have many opinions and ideas in common and this will make conversations easy going and relaxed. They will feel as though they are one in the same, at times, and this will be a great source of comfort to them both. For some, this would not be enough to keep a romance alive, but for these two it will carry a great deal of importance. And when Virgo man's world-criticisms start to weigh heavily on his mind, only his Libra woman will be able to snap him out of his funk, and for this, he will love her eternally.


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