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Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

Updated on February 6, 2011

I don't want to sound too negative about the love match between the Virgo man and Scorpio woman, but I have a tendency to think Virgo man might not stand much of a chance with her. She's simply too powerful on numerous levels and it will be very difficult for him to hold his own with her. Then again, this might be the dynamic they are looking for, and if so, more power to them! That said, I find it hard to believe a Scorpio woman would be content for the long haul, due to Virgo man's distinct lack of passion, because Scorpio woman can't live without it any more than a fish can live out of water. To learn more about the astrological pairing between a Virgo man and Scorpio woman, please continue reading!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Virgo Man

Virgo man isn't a weak man, but he's not really much of a match for a Scorpio woman's passion and fire. Her temperament could devour him in a matter of seconds and the poor guy will never know what hit him. Now, in some cases, this may appeal to both individuals, but I don't reckon it's too commonplace. Also, some of Virgo man's natural tendencies, such as being hyercritical of people (including those he loves) could get him into big doo-doo with a Scorpio woman. Nevermind the fact that she can be downright nasty and mean when she wants to critical of him -- if a Virgo man has the nerve to criticize a Scorpio woman to the point her ire is raised, he will feel the Scorpio sting before he ever sees it coming. So watch out, Virgo man, because in this relationship your Scorpio woman is much more powerful than you!

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman is very loving, caring, passionate, jealous, possessive and direct. Could anyone be more emotionally conflicted? Probably not! For the most part, a Scorpio woman can juggle these emotions with impressive skill, but when her temper is unleashed... well... it's not a pretty sight. One of the biggest obstacles Scorpio woman will have to cope with when it comes to Virgo man, is his lack of passion in the boudoir. She's passionate to her core and if her man can't give back on the same level, she will begin to feel neglected and her ego will be bruised. If she's able to understand it's simply not in the Virgo man's nature to demonstrate his love in this manner, she might be able to cope. But if she really takes it personally, I'm afraid these feelings will lead to insecurity, which will lead to anger, which will lead to lots of lashing out and hurt feelings. For this reason, I'm not overly optimistic when it comes to this astrological pairing, but if the two have complementary aspects in their birth charts, they may prove to be an exception to the rule.


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