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Virgo Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

The Virgo rising sign is an astrological mask that makes a first impression on your behalf. If you're also a Virgo sun sign, everything will simply be magnified. But even if you've got a sun sign that has nothing in common with your rising sign , this will add new dimensions to your personality. Depending on where the two were placed at the time of your birth, you may display (at first glance) more characteristics of one than the other, but generally speaking the Virgo rising sign will be out there on the front lines when you meet anyone new. To learn more, do read on!

Silent Observers

These guys aren't very outgoing when they meet new people, so if you've got this energy going on, you'll probably give a first impression of being somewhat aloof. Some people may perceive this as rude and standoffish, while others might think you're just shy. When you do finally speak up, take care not to come across as hypercritical or snide, which your sun sign cousins have a knack for doing! Brand new acquaintances probably won't be all that prepared to hear Virgo rising tell them their jeans don't really flatter their big hips, so save that for the second encounter, ok?


Easy Does it on the Self-Analysis

Everyone needs to be aware of their own shortcomings and behavior, and it's good to analyze these things and try to sort them out, but Virgo rising, you are probably a bit too hard on yourself. You do not need to have a think about every little thing you do! You don't need to perfect yourself, either, so please don't drive yourself to the brink of a mental breakdown because of it. And, erm, please don't drive anyone else to the brink of one as you try to get them to perfect themselves, either! Your friends and family thank you in advance!

They Get the Job Done

No matter how flaky the sun sign, this rising sign is very good about getting things in order and these are great people to call on when you need help. They are very good about putting blinders on and staying focused until the job is done. They might get a bit crazy during the process, but do not worry -- they've got it under control. These folks are naturally good at arranging, classifying and managing anything from their own personal lives to a university library, so if you've just put your faith in a Virgo rising, you're probably in good hands.


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