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Virgo Sun Aries Moon Combinations

Updated on October 1, 2012

Virgo Sun Aries Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Obtains her goals.

Her dark side: Rigid.

Here is a demanding position of the Sun and Moon--this woman will stop at nothing to succeed. She'll help you with your goals unless, of course, yours and hers should ever collide. In that case she can be totally shameless in her trampling over you and stomping your heart into the ground, to say nothing of your career goals. She lays ground work for her awards and public recognition even in the area of charity work. She does nothing without the thought of personal gain. She'll blow her own trumpet, or better yet, manipulate you into doing it for her. You won't catch on until it's too late, because she spends a great deal of time leaning on you for help--help with her personal life. It's midnight and she can't sleep as usual, could you listen to her problems again? What would she ever do without you? She'll survive, trust me. She can be the most manic, hyperactive person you will ever meet when she is on a roll, and then she can fall into a slump and barely figure out how she'll survive another day. When she's younger this is touching and nearly always considered a source for real concern. People tend to drop everything to come to her aid. ("Would a raise help, or a promotion?") But as she ages her antics leave one a little weary--she overstays her welcome in the sympathy department. She's critical and exacting. When she first meets you and offers to fry you the best chicken this side of Dixie, you can't imagine there's ice in her veins. I wouldn't want this woman as a coworker or a boss; you may be able to handle it if you're thick skinned, however. As a mother, if you were jailed she'd bake you a cake with a file in it. She has, as you may have guessed, quite a time finding Mr. Right. Her life will bring many involvements, but she marries later in life. She's bright, she's a good conversationalist, a hard worker and a money maker. I don't know, maybe it beats dining alone. She needs another Virgo or an Aries, a forceful Scorpio with a Leo Moon, or a Capricorn with a whip."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers By Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Salma Hayek.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Strong sense of loyalty.

His dark side: Excessive need for approval.

Virgo lacks originality and Aries lacks attention to detail. This combination blends these deficiencies. Both signs tend to be combative and super critical, selfish and cold. You will not have to wonder for long why he has few coworker friends. He will not be the most popular man you have ever been with. He will pick you apart and notify you of every shortcoming that is in your character, even suspected ones. For those of you who can handle all that, you will get a rare kind of devotion. It won't be the gushy, romantic, head over heels kind of love. It will be a cold, analytical Mr. Spock kind of loyalty. He will take much more than he will give. Yet, in his complexity, he will defend you to the death, if he feels anyone has been unjust with you (except him.) He will be the ultimate egomaniac with everyone, but not in a way that demands attention. It will be instead an odd sort of way. He takes everything personally. He can stand anything except the thought that someone doesn't like him or approve of him. His need for approval is second to none. He has a hair trigger temper, and is often moody and uncommunicative. He is intelligent, conscientious, ambitious, energetic and witty. As a husband and father he is quarrelsome. He wants an honest and decent (squeaky clean) relationship. He wants this relationship with a daring, fiery and independent sort of girl. His sexuality is meticulous and deliberate. Oftentimes Virgos are unusually kinky. Maybe yours will have a spark of originality and put some life into the relationship. You'll need it somewhere, God knows. Best bets for happiness are a Leo with lots of Virgo planets, an Aries, Virgo and even a Gemini. You sensitive signs better move out fast."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Jeremy Irons.


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    • profile image

      Melin 7 months ago

      Aries moon virgo sun here, incredibly innaccurate

    • profile image

      hess1 2 years ago

      Not only very negative, but completely inaccurate. The guy had a prejudice against these two signs in these positions.

    • profile image

      tt? 3 years ago

      No virgo aqua moon?

    • profile image

      yellowresonant 4 years ago

      Well, that was scathing. Was this a purely negative aspects article?