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Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Combinations

Updated on October 2, 2012

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Enduring beauty.

Her dark side: Makes few compromises.

This Virgo lady is sneaky about one thing--the lights bestowed upon her by the Sun and Moon often lend a helping hand in the department of beauty. You never think about the beautiful Virgo, but there seem to be two extremes of Virgo ladies. And when they're beautiful in the case of the Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio Moons, they're stunning. There's a reserved, quiet, imposing manner, that is sedate and non glittering. The Virgo doesn't have the magnetism of the Scorpio, the drama of the Leo, but with this configuration, I find a commanding, no nonsense, earthy sexuality that knocks men off their Gucci loafers. Notice I didn't say tennies or cowboy boots. These ladies are too "establishment" and old money (even when born to poverty which is not unusual) to pay much attention to anyone who doesn't dress with taste and convention. She's strong, defiant and enduring about her sex appeal. Lesser men back off unless they are very obtuse. Should they attempt casual conversation, she'll no doubt practically sniff in their faces and walk off. She's something of a snob. She also won't bother with silly little games. Actually she'd rather be home with a good book and a nice glass of wine. She likes to socialize alright, but the crowd is very select. She is as discriminating at work. She's an outstanding money maker. She's also a good wife and a fabulous mother. She can teach her children at home and put the modern school system to shame. Even with her appeal, she's not usually snapped up by some lucky man at an early age--she'll usually be well wedded and totally devoted later than her friends. She asks only that her mate be loving and stable, and of course hardworking. He won't have to be all that good looking--she looking into the very soul of men. Look to the rich Capricorn to appreciate this one, or the Taurus. The Aries or Aquarius usually can't relate to her at all."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Greta Garbo.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Very top notch.

His dark side: Needs to hang loose.

Just when you think Virgos don't know how to have a good time, here comes the Taurus influence. Emotionally, he needs comfort, peace, luxury and harmony. This will help him lighten up and get sensual and romantic. He is enduring, steady, stable and has a nice blend of conservative qualities and yet, is not boring or stifling. This is not a nervous, restless, flighty kind of man. His qualities are truly sterling and rock solid. This is a very nice combination of characteristics. His business sense is extraordinary. He can live the work ethic and the Golden Rule. A Taurus Moon does very well financially no matter what the early environment. He may notice your flaws, but he is gentle enough to only mention your assets. He will not dash off in a romantic whirl with someone else. He understands commitment. He will expect you to do the same. Although near a whiz in business, he is not boastful; although this is an unusually attractive combination, he does not stand out in a crowd. He moves slowly, cautiously and deliberately. A moderate man, his only excess is usually lavish surroundings and good food. He will excel in the banking and nutrition fields, or anything service related. He won't gamble away your money. He will have a wide circle of sensible friends and work associates. He won't quit when the going gets tough. He won't abandon you when you are old and gray. He will do everything possible to help you look after the children. He will snort like a bull if you are messy, impractical and disorganized. He will get practically mushy over a well cooked meal served by candlelight or a nice warm bubble bath and massage. A Taurus or a Capricorn girl would be great. A Libra woman would be excellent. A Scorpio would be an exciting fling."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Tommy Lee Jones.


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      2 years ago

      this is so matsumoto jun (Arashi's member)


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