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Virgo and Virgo: How in the World Did This Relationship Happen?

Updated on March 18, 2020
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Andrea loves animals of all sizes, shapes, and demeanor. She has owned dogs and cats and considers herself an animal whisperer.

Virgo and Virgo Together At Last

Virgo and Virgo. How in the world did this pairing happen? Any combination in the zodiac is possible just as well as no relationship is void of having conflict.

The key is to understand how your relationship works, what dymanics you bring to the table, and why certain elements function the way they do. Astrology tries to solve those questions in a fun way -- not a spooky way.

What makes Virgo so strange in pairing with another Virgo -- is that Virgo is the most single sign of all 12 signs. Identity relationships are common. People come into the relationship with many agreeable similarities. You're more likely to pair up with someone who is more similar to you than different. Opposites may attract, but they also repulse each other.

  • Two Virgos will really know what they want.
  • Earth signs do well to match up and stay together. They tend to agree on house functions, managing money, and approach emotions in similar ways.
  • This pair may come off stoic to others. Virgos are known to be hard workers, studious, and in their five senses.
  • Romantically, these two lovebirds will be suited for each other. They won't be surprised, and they'll have the same appetitie, if you will. Even if others don't get it.

Romance One Step at a Time

Two Virgos together could feel like two buddies or two colleagues. It may take extra work to create a more emotional or romantic bond. This is a couple that will do well to work on projects whether building a house, having a wood workshop together, taking care of a garden, or taking on an ambitious scholastic endeavor.

Virgos are very sensual and gain some ego from the summer. They can be very one-track minded when they approach matters of the heart. They're devoted signs. They have a quickness of mind from their ruling planet, Mercury. They appreciate categorizing things, they like systems, planning, analyzing, and keeping things clean -- but they're also earthy, and can enjoy getting their hands dirty. They really want a perfect, ideal system -- Virgo will be attracted to someone who fits their ideal of a soul mate, which very well could be someone like them.

People often go for identity relationships, where they date the same sign. These are positive relationships. Dating someone who has the same element-- air, water, fire, or earth -- is also advisable.

Virgo Mindset

Virgos have a good eye for detail. They can be critical, so it is wise for them to take up a partner with thick skin.

Virgo doesn't like to always mince their words. They like to say things the way they are rather than go a political route. They're not directly motivated by ego in part because this sign comes after Leo, which is the king of ego. Most signs are opposites of the sign that precedes them. Signs rebel against their predessors.

Both Virgos need to take care of their mental health and give space for it. This is a sign that is prone to depression and anxiety. They can be disillusioned with the world -- they want someone who is reliable, punctual, and on top of things. They do not like when someone drops the ball.

They run at a high mental speed because of the influence from Mercury. They may constantly be on the go. They want to take on their goals to completion. They have a hierarchy of how they think things should be done. Not everyone can date a perfectionist like this, or will want to for long. This in part makes two Virgos ideal because they can handle it. This can also be a recipe for disaster -- one Virgo thinks their version of the world is perfect, while the other has a completely different version of perfection. Just going to let you in on a secret -- there is no such thing as perfection.

Virgos in Love

Virgos are caretakers. They want to be devoted to their partners. They want to give and give, but can be confused when someone is turning things around to give.

Virgos in love have really high standards. They analyze a prospect before jumping into a relationship. Virgo analytical nature can slow down romantic chemistry and prevent it from growing. In order to fall in love, often we have to let go of preconceived notions and be humble enough to accept someone.

Standards have to be adjusted. It's important to love someone through thick and thin, when healthy and sick, when rich and poor. If you only date for perfection and the good parts of life, there is plenty that is getting ignored. Part of Virgo's depression comes from not properly processing trauma.

Virgo in love is devoted. They only want to be devoted to themselves as a single person, or devoted in love to be with someone they find special and unique. Virgo takes relationships as a religious experience.

Virgo will not put up with cheating and scandals. There is a certain amount of love that should happen in both directions for any partnership.

Virgo is set on finding a soul mate and finding the one. Once they believe they have found that person, they will stick by them and won't stray.

High standards for love and the self can be weighty. Disappointments come up, people make bad decisions, or we get off track. What Virgo needs is more forgiveness and grace in order to make their romantic commitments succeed and flourish. It's not all about what it looks like on paper, analyzing data, or how pretty is your 401k account.

A Virgo should know what they're getting into with another Virgo. This spells out security and devotion from the beginning rather than mystery, confusion, and indecision. Virgo has the chance to have a divine kind of love.

A Closer Look

  • Virgos embrace nature and love the world around them; they're also seeking a divine connection.
  • They thirve when they get to work with their hands and plays into traditions.
  • They're all about taking in information and organizing it.
  • Sometimes they get lost when it comes to actually starting something -- one of these Virgos is going to have to purse the other one because it's not really a natural position.
  • Virgos often are shy, disguising their emotions, and too caught up in something to recognize what needs to be done for matters of the heart.
  • Two Virgos can agree upon their world and who they are which is an advantage, but it can be difficult to keep the spark going.
  • Cold devotion isn't necessarily what someone wants for the long term, so it is important to constantly add some spice and everything nice into the mix in order to make things happen.
  • Virgo would be fine with just making bread, but for a romantic relationship, you eventually have to dig into the sugar resevoirs, if that makes sense.

(Only sticking to a model that relies on bread is for a single minded person, not someone in an active and healthy relationship.)

Top Ten Tips for a Virgo and Virgo Couple

1. Think before you speak. Don't react in anger. Calm down on your perfectionist ways.

2. Intentionally find ways to socialize and spend time together. Virgos can turn into hermits.

3. Find social time with other friends and go to gatherings. This will keep you in the know. Isolated Virgos can start to have unusual ideas about how the world works.

4. Keep the sulking to a minimum. The silent treatment can sometimes create more problems than solve.

5. Explore nature together and travel. Earth signs do well to go outside.

6. Have both shared projects and individual projects to stay afloat.

7. You'll have a spotless house if you work together. You'll be at peace for this reason.

8. Study, learn more about your hobbies, keep your mind motivated.

9. Take care not to let your depression or anxiety flare up too much.

10. Staying kind is an act of devotion.


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    • manatita44 profile image


      2 months ago from london

      I like the fact that you addressed the topic so well and that it was nicely presented. Well done!


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