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The astrological meaning of Virgo

Updated on March 11, 2011

Virgo's connection with astrology and psychology

The energy of this birth sign is traditionally associated with areas that don't seem to relate with each other: health, domestic animals, the body, service or work for others, discrimination and attention to detail to mention a few. The connection actually happens through matter and in a higher plane where whatever we do is aiming to reach an evolutionary stage. Anyone looking to get in touch with the energy of Virgo is aiming to manifest a higher level of being and turning it into a material achievement.

To understand the energy of Virgo one could turn towards the elements involved in a complex process, say for instance the way a car works; even though each of its components may be essential, it is only by the sum of the parts and their synchronicity, that the actual machine becomes what it is. Virgo speaks of all the parts forming the whole and people who identify with Virgo would be driven by the understanding that it is necessary to see the trees and the forest.

The energy of Virgo is mutable and therefore reflects the transformation of the element it belongs to, in this case Earth. This is why Virgo refers to a higher level of being who has conquered the material world and can use it for his benefit and the benefit of others.

Virgo, our behaviour and our actions

Virgo manifests in our routines, the way we face duty and service and the way we deal with stress, to give you a few examples. What needs to be remember when trying to understand the meaning of the sign of Virgo, is that as a mutable earth sign, it is the representation of material world where transformation needs to be achieved to move into a higher plane. Thus, routines and domestic labour, although they may seem very earthly and concrete functions, have the potential to be activities where the spirit raises. This is perhaps why many religious communities highlight the importance of living a simple life where meditation and day to day life are one and lead to work and service for others.

Virgo's connection with the material world is very important because it implies a more elevated level of being who is able to achieve enlightenment whilst using material resources surrounding him. This creates a lot of confusion in people who think they are spiritual by not pursuing material comforts or money. No one can separate spirit from matter and therefore it is not about not having the material comforts but about learning not to become attached to them. Many times people feel guilt over the idea of enjoying a luxury because it is not serving the purpose of helping others, but the fact is that you cannot have a wealthy soul if you are not able to enjoy the material realm you inhabit.

Someone unable to connect with the energy of Virgo in a positive way, may forever wander around the material world without much success or internal peace. Stress is often associated with Virgo, and it is not uncommon to find that a prominent Virgo in an astrological chart manifests with a strong connection between the mental state and the physical being. The body becomes the ultimate manifestation of that which is not sorted in the mental or emotional level.

Connect with the energy of Virgo - these are questions you must answer honestly to yourself if you want to become aware of how do you relate to the material realm and its potential to transform you in a deeper level:

  • Do you obsess over details? our capability to become aware of the whole should be in good harmony with our attention to detail.
  • Do you feel ill after a difficult day or a stressful situation? Only by becoming aware of the source of stress we can treat it. Medicines and treatments are only superficial if the root cause remains intact
  • Do you use your material resources wisely? whether saving, investing or sharing those resources, the aim should be to provide us with inner harmony, not creating a source of additional stress or conflicted emotions.

Finally, Virgo is associated with service to others but it is often misunderstood as if we were to sacrifice for others and forget our own well being, however it is important to remember that it is impossible to provide others with something you don't have within yourself. Nurturing our individual strength and well being is necessary if we are to give something to others.


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    • profile image

      Adriana Uribe 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for that. Sometimes it is hard to convey the meaning of a birth sign because most people tend to look for specific characteristics without realizing that all elements of a chart work together and make every individual as complex as a finger print. Thank you for your comment !

    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 

      7 years ago from GA, United States

      Well put! Very useful and interesting article! My aunt, sister and son is a Virgo so I understand what you are conveying.


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