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Life In The Dark Abyss Of Hell

Updated on December 1, 2016
Demons surround
Demons surround

I sat on a red velvet horned chair with sweet blue flames caressing its legs. The sweet wine felt s good going down my torched throat. Seven naked virgins layed at my feet moving feverishly at my wanting flesh. I was a prince in this place, I was the morning stars right hand. The devil had a very important meeting on Earth, it was a discussion of how the world would move forward into the new era of deceitfulness and trickery. Lucifer requested all his top representatives at that meeting. The leaders of the following countries were present; America, England, Russia, Israel, Italy. France, China, Canada, France, Germany and of course his chief of staff the Vatican City. This must have been really big for his Royal Lucifer to summon these sick and twisted people all in one place. There was to be a new plot, a new order was to be given to these individuals to enforce upon their nation. It was a order that would trick the people into giving up their rights to seek protection from false riots, fake terrorist plots and fake or staged rebellions. It was an order that ordered invasions of extra terrestrial beings upon planet Earth. But of course all these were great deceptions planned by the master himself using the various technologies given to them by Lucifer and his Legion. I sat in hell laughing, laughing at the complete enslavement of men flesh, and in time their entire soul. I was getting bored, there was nothing in hell to do which one could consider exiting. The only thing that gave me mind rest was the lost souls being tortured and the skin tearing screams they made. The souls pass through this stage of hell and then move on to various stages before the become the hounds of hell or transformed into demons.

Hell Death
Hell Death

How Souls Are Processed In Hell

Souls which come to hell go through several phases. Once that disgusting being is hell bound it is tripped of all colors of the flesh and the only thing left is an opaque confused element. That worthless soul is then sucked up by the churning worms of hell and goes through extreme pain and torment for 33 years, this is kind of like a cleansing period. After the soul is flushed from all impurities by it's former creator it is picked up, flagged out and a number and code is punched unto that soul. If after that 33 years of torture an the soul still shows signs of hurt, pain or regret, it is transformed into the dogs of hell where it is trapped into rotting flesh for all eternity and is only used to hunting. If the soul comes out angry, full of rage and hatred after the pain and torture, it is transformed in a demon of lower ranking and lives in hell forever and is commanded by Hell's God Lucifer. Once you become a demon, you are given specific roles to play in the lives of other men. You get to go back to earth to do Lucifer's work. Your job role is to lie, deceit, create mayhem, cause confusion, twist the sexuality of mankind, cause diseases, well, just about anything evil your mind can fathom. If your reign on earth extremely helpful to Lucifer's plan. You are given a higher ranking by him and more powers are given unto you. Many have become demon kings, princes, higher classes and so on. But the highest demon class is king demon. These demons are the ones who are given authority to possess world leaders to fast track chaos and mayhem.

Progress In Hell

Lucifer's domain has certainly come a very far way. Go back a couple hundred years and we only had a few souls coming through the 9th gate. But fastback to the 21st Century and the nasty souls are flooding the gates of hell. People are born docile and brain dead.They embrace and are attracted to wickedness and evil. The Devil's reign is at an all time high. Life is certainly good these days in hell. As a Demon Prince, I do enjoy the my role in these diabolical events. I have done so many good things since my appointment. I have influenced the destruction of the family. I have caused husbands to destroy their wives and wives to destroy their husbands. The courthouse is my playing field. I have set up so many children to sue their mothers and fathers over some petty materialistic items. Can you imagine how sick and greedy a child has to be to sue a parent who has nourished her, fed her, given her love, wipe her tears when she cried, provided protection, paid for her education and now 20 years later she sues her mother of a damn unpaid phone bill?. You just have to love humans.

Me and my elder demons are working on a huge plan. We are designing new chemicals in the form of vaccines which in time will actually turn most of the offspring of persons who receive these vaccination in Zombies. Brain dead humans who simply can't resist the taste of blood. I can tell you this, Earth will become the cesspool Lucifer wants and I am so happy I will be apart of his plans. Yes indeed, progress is being made in Hell.

Entering Hell
Entering Hell

Please, Take My Hand

Tell me, what is your desire? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it a big house or a nice car? Your God has made it so difficult for you to attain these things. You work and sweat and then all you get is a thank you and then grow old and placed into a smelly home for the elders. All that can change if you simply come with me. Come see what the devil has to offer. Once you work in hell, you will get you just reward. There is no shafting of lieing in Hell, the rules are...well to be honest there are no rules. Walk with me if you have feel you deserve much more than what man has to offer. Walk with me and let me introduce you to the Devil.


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