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Updated on September 10, 2011


If you ask to a kid, tell me one wish you want, I will fulfill it. He will instantly say my exams! Get me good marks or pass me in my finals. OK I agreed; now tell me why you want to pass your exams. Oh! I want to get into next standard. Here one can feel his goal is to get good marks or pass in an exam to develop and get into higher standard.OK I agreed; but why you want to move to next standard. The answer is, to move further to next standard and move so on, till I get masters. Oh so you want to be masters, is that your goal. I mean what you want to become, why masters? The answer is again straight, I want a good job. Ok agreed, why you want to serve, you are not here to serve; you want to rule the world, not to be a servant, then why this goal. The answer is to earn money. Oh so you are struggling since childhood to earn money, is that your goal? No!! He will exclaim, I need money to buy all luxuries in the world. I am struggling, become servant, writing articles (ha-ha), so that I can have money and I can buy all luxuries. Here he is trying to say he want to buy all happiness.

I mean to say, every one of us if jog down to back of your goals, you will find, only one answer and that is happiness. Nothing motivates us for becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot, architect, hubber, hacker, criminal Etc except the hunger of getting happiness out of it. You mean to say we all are doing each and every thing to get only happiness. Yes and that also not in day, but also while we sleep at night, we expect some nice dreams.

Often saying “sweet dreams” to your dear ones, as you know that’s the real hunt. All other is care of your happiness, whether your love, your passion, your career, your dream, etc. All you need is happiness, you can call it fun, pleasure, enlightenment, fine.

But why I am dictating this? I want to make it clear that when we all know that every one is hunting for happiness, then why we get annoyed at some one’s behavior? All should love me, and I will not love any one (ha-ha). I will lie to you, but don’t dare to lie to me.

I will theft but no one should bluff me, OK. As we know that we all need happiness no matter from where it comes? And why do we need happiness? May be next questions to be answered but we find happiness as our real hunt ever in accordance to the knowledge acquire by us in any condition and circumstances of our life. And with that type of knowledge we start our hunt of happiness, labeling that as superior and all other as inferior.

Due to lack of this understanding what happens:


Some times parents may scold children of there misbehave without knowing the main reason. And instruct them; see I don’t want you to do this again, ok. No one thinks that why he is doing that bad deed. Its because that he thinks that’s the only way to be happy. A parent should understand that he need happiness and I should mould him awaking him towards right knowledge.


Its obvious case that employer always blames his employees that he is not performing well. And I need more production. Here if he realizes this concept that his employee also need happiness, he will win him to be most effective employee facilitating all what makes him happy. That’s why the standard of older concept of slavery and personnel management has changed now to new concept of employee participation in industries. Yet locally this has not rooted much.


Lovelife as usually is only for higher level of happiness. But if you forget to make your lover happy you are surely going to loose him, or her. The cases to divorce are the proven results within couples. In India there is a custom to feel each other as divine and so bonded for 7 births. This helps as they don’t divorce and as time passes and both of them realizes that it’s only the mistake of self happiness. They start serving each other and lives happily; else they never had found happiness.

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    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      thanks kenneth........for this nice comment and ur fan mail had risen me in spirit ...i will work more hard to make u feel proud and happy

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      moneycop . . .cudo's and bravo to you for this lovely and straight-forward hub that I enjoyed so much. I love your phrasings about happiness and love. You are a true talent. Keep up the great work and I am honored to follow you.