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Updated on September 4, 2011

A Quest For Consideration

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Sunday school teacher. My class consisted of teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18...a difficult demographic for any teacher.

Teaching was not my "calling" in life, and I am not a great teacher; but the fact that my two teenage sons were in the class spurred a more impassioned approach in my effort to teach.

I like to think I might have given them something of value, and perhaps effectively demonstrated that morality and responsibility are not conclusive to religion; but have very practical and extensive life influencing qualities.

I always believed that writing was my "calling," however I am not a great writer either. The following bit of "prose" was not an attempt to create a literary masterpiece, but only an attempt to focus the attention of a group of teenagers, and open their minds. My hope was to spark a small light that might help them glimpse a measure of possibilities. My goal was to teach them that life does not come with a magic eraser. We are all accountable, and we will all experience the consequences of every choice we make - good or bad.

DISCALIMER: There is no lecture or sermon intended here, I am simply sharing my attempt at a little creative teaching, and perhaps - as in all things we write - sharing a little of my own soul.


We are at war. Can you see the slaughter? Can you hear the rage? Can you feel the chaos and fear that permeates the world around you? Are you prepared for what is to come?

This war is not new. It is older than time. It began before memories and will not end until all is forgotten. Time slips past the portals of what is and what is to come as two kingdoms battle for the souls...the essence...the life force of all mortals.

Both kingdoms seek out those who will serve one king; and we will all serve...we are all soldiers engaged in combat as we walk through this space of breath. We are drafted at birth - trained by life - and somewhere along the way, by our own determination choose the kingdom in which we will abide and the king we will honor. We must choose, for to do nothing makes it's own choice.

To which king have you given your allegiance?

The King of Heaven?

He existed before the beginning. He created this space and time, and gave the mortal his own life force. His heart is good and pure, and his holy cause is to save his creation - the mortal - from total destruction.

He provides his warriors with the armor of courage, a helmet of wisdom, a shield of peace, and the sword of truth. This king is forever watchful of his warriors and surrounds them with invisible forces of light, which do battle with the forces of darkness for their sake. He has promised them the whole of his kingdom and total victory in the end.

The King of Darkness?

He is an apostate ruler, who dared to set up a kingdom in rebellion. His heart is black and he wears many faces. He has no love or compassion for mortals, or those who serve him. Death and destruction will be their reward.

His dark forces, disguised in a cloak of familiarity seduce the unsuspecting with promises of riches, power, and glory. They enchant the mortal mind and heart with lies, lust, and deceit. The Dark Kings' ruse for seduction relies upon the fear and weakness of those who are complacent, innocent, lonely, poor, and foolish.

So be mindful my child of the shield and sword you choose to carry. Be wary of songs sung so sweetly to lure you into the pit. Do not walk in sleep - eyes closed to the enemy surrounding you. Weigh carefully the wages of this war, and be certain that the King of Darkness has not victory in the end. The fate of this world has been foretold.

WE ARE AT WAR. CAN WE SEE THE SLAUGHTER? CAN WE HEAR THE RAGE? CAN WE FEEL THE CHAOS AND FEAR THAT SURROUNDS US? Or have we grown so accustomed to this war that we no longer hear the the battle cry of the invading army, or see the fallen children that litter our world.

Time is running out...all is almost forgotten. We must remember...we must have eyes that see and ears that hear the enemy...for he is everywhere.


The years have gone by, and all of those teenagers are grown with children of their own now. Was I successful in teaching them something that made a difference in their lives? I can't say...I can only hope.



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    • Ana Louis profile image

      Ana Louis 7 years ago from Louisiana

      Thank you William for your kind remarks. I am glad you enjoyed my humble efforts.

    • William Tan Seng profile image

      William Tan Seng 7 years ago

      The teacher needs to ready taking care of his/her students. The role of the good teacher is to instill knowledge as well as morals.

      Glad to know that you are the teacher. I enjoy reading this post.