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Updated on April 26, 2011

The Crown Of Gods' Creation

There is a greatness in the earth that holds the power of life, All that yearn for it is drawn to Him.

There too, is another power in the earth that holds the power of Death, and all that do not accept Life, will take Death .......... by default.

In the beginning of time Life looked upon the expanse of the universe and observed ............... nothing. There was no life outside of Himself, and consequently, nothing for Death to do. There was no way for Death to prove his worth in the vast scheme of things, with Life being protected by the Creator Himself. Finally, Death took his case to the Celestial Supreme Court beyond the galaxies. He petitioned the court for a hearing, which the court granted. In the petition Death filed with the court it stated thus: "I, Death, charge that I've been denied my rights. I have been given authority over "All" that choose not life, yet, there is no one to choose". "How can I prove my case if there is no one to choose between Life or Death? I have no authority over the citizens of the celestial city, so how will anyone know if I'm good or bad"? Is this not unjust? Death was raising the bar, or so he thought. He was not so much speaking to the Judge, but to the whole celestial realm. All he needed was to raise doubt, and cause some in the celestial city to side with him. The Judge listened to Death until his argument was exhausted. In response to the complaints the Judge said: "I have heard your arguments, and have found them wanting; nevertheless, I will allow you to exercise your craft on the planet earth where I have decided beforehand to place the 'crown of my creation'"

Death knew that Life had already planned to create other beings on one of the myriad of planets, and also that, one of them would be special. But which one? He decided to ask for more details. "How will I know which of the terrestial forms would be the 'Crown' of your creation"? asked Death. "The one that is created in my own image, He, male and female, will be the one to represent me in the earth", said Life.


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