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The Horror of a Sharia Law Vacation

Updated on July 16, 2017

Pictures tell the story.

I've been writing about Islam for years but something about these photos showing a family on vacation in the Middle East just stokes my fire.

When I look at these photographs of this man and his children enjoying the sea and the sun as they play at the beach, I experience a range of emotion. I feel anger, rage, pity, sorrow and disgust. As I type this paragraph there are tears in my eyes and I’m not sure if it’s because of my rage at the injustice perpetrated on this woman or the pity I feel for her, or a growing fear of Sharia Law that is creeping into American courts. I’m angry with the woman for allowing it and I’m furious at the man for inflicting it and I’m sorry for the children that have been taught to accept it

A beautiful day for this family to enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin and the cool sea water splashing in their faces while mom sits swathed in heavy black fabric. Clammy, wet and clinging to her body surely she is excluded from the feeling of freedom that her family enjoys.

Getting toes wet in the waves. You can almost feel the tug of these wet garments around your ankles.

How does that feel sitting in your wet robes?
How does that feel sitting in your wet robes?
Linda Sarsour,big mouth Islamist and advocate  for sharia law in America
Linda Sarsour,big mouth Islamist and advocate for sharia law in America
Tossed her baby out the window.
Tossed her baby out the window.

Do you see these photos Linda Sarsour, you activist for Sharia Law, you radical who wants to impose Jihad on Americans? You unappreciative American citizen born in Brooklyn quoted by Wikipedia as saying about two Muslim women, "(they) don't deserve to be women, I wish I could take their vaginas away." What do you think Ms. Sarsour? You who called for jihad against President Trump and warned your critics by saying, "I am taking names." (source Joe Bieko, Mediaite,July 12 2017)

Do you see these photos Governor Christy who appointed a Sharia Judge to one of our American courts?

Do you see this Chicago? One of your citizens just tossed her baby out of the window because her Muslim parents would not have approved of the pregnancy,(source Chicago Tribune July 10 2017)

Do you see these photos New York women? Do you see what Sharia demands a woman wear to the beach? How many of you women who march in protest against stricter immigration laws wear a bikini? Do you know that over one thousand women die each year in Pakistan due to honor killings ( the Washington Post, may 2014, Morning Mix.) and honors killings have come to America?

What is Wrong with these Women?

Iranian women crowd the streets in protest to Sharia law that dictates they wear Hijabs.

The Height of Hypocrisy and Ignorance

Wake up American women. You who march in the "Women's March" lead by the likes of Linda Sarsour who wants to bring Sharia to you from a culture that wants to mutilate your genitals so you will behave yourselves. Really?

Too Real to Allow for Publication?

How about you Hub editors? Is this too real, too raw too true to print? Were you among the women that marched while wearing your vagina hats in protest to what? Is that your idea of feminism? Did you know that Linda Sarsour was one of the creators of the "Women's March."

Maybe I should stick to writing about wedding flowers?


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