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Updated on July 28, 2011

How will it look like if there are no ways of determining time?Assuming there is neither sun nor moon to give clues of time?And,if there were no parameter to count days,weeks,months and years,how shall we determine what to do and when to do it?Time is vital to our life.However,we must diligently plan the way our time is being utilized,because time spent cannot be recovered back.Jesus said; ''As long as it is day,we must do the work of him who sent me.Night is coming when no one can work''[ John 9 vs 4].This implies that except we plan our time so as to execute what is expected of us in the day time;it will become difficult to do anything when the night falls,no matter our zeal or determination.If a man fails to do the right thing at the right time,he is bound to face frustrations and challenges.God has made adequate provisions to cater for every activity carried out at the appropriate time.He has given the sun the command to rule in the day and the moon in the night.But,how do you expect clothe washed in the night to get dried in short time? Many problems can be avoided if we utilize the time wisely.We must be disciplined in the use of our time,else time will be abused.The five foolish virgins that were shut out of the wedding banquet hall in Mathew 25 vs 1-13 were foolish because they did the right thing at the wrong time.What were they doing while others were making effort to get extra oil for their lamps?

What is the time? What are you expected to do by this time? Does your activity correspond to the timing?


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