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Updated on December 2, 2014

Studing the mystical nature of numbers has always been a challenge for great minds of the world.Many philosophical and mystical systems of numbers have been woven into their lives, and we can find numbers at all levels of spiritual science.Dealing with numbers enables man to perceive the world differently, essential.

Numerology is based on the principle that the numbers are carriers of a basic types of life-giving cosmic energy.Great minds of the past (Pythagoras, Plato, Jung, Kepler)had talked about that, but modern thinkers also, especially people engaged in the exploration of quantum science.

Jung said that the numbers had been existed before humans and human consciousness.Psyhology is based in a large percentage on numbers and archetypal energies written in the form of image projection that any person carries enrolled in the mind.

If you want to know what numbers of your birth date tell about you, all you have to do is:

1. to sum each number of your month and day of birth, to get your biorythm number ( for example: I was born 12/28, so my b. number is 1+2+2+8 = 1+3 = 4 )

2. to sum each number of your year of birth, to get your generation number ( for example: I was born 1987., so my g. number is 1+9+8+7 = 2 + 5 = 7 )

3. to sum your biorythm number and your generation number, to get your personal number ( for example, my personal number is: 4 + 7 = 1 +1 = 2 )

Here are the meanings of numbers:


Biorythm number 1 gives you the speed of thought, impulsivity, spirit of adventure, pride, extroversion. These people radiate an inner energy, positive spirit, they are the leaders and they like to impose.

Generation number 1 gives quite spoiled character, capricious and arbitrary, possible psychological problems in the form of hysteria.

Personal number 1 gives strong personal magnetism and energy. The person has a strong energy field, so (s)he can be an "energy vampire." They are full of initiative, will to live, it's hard to convince them they are wrong. They are persistent, go to the end whether it will hurt someone. They are good in all sectors which demand courage and determination. Never give up the goal, persistent and often angry when they confront someone. They have personal charisma, unwittingly used personal charm at every opportunity. In love, they are demanding, volatile, going recklessly in love affairs, in a fit of jealousy can make a scene, divorce or commit adultery.


Biorythm number 2 - people are very suggestible, insecure, fear of financial uncertainty. They like to be on hand to the others, they`re loving and love to engage in humanitarian work. Interested in the occult and mysticism. Gentle soul.

Generation number 2 - suffer from poor digestion, problems with water retention, stomach, various diseases due to poor immunity, constantly changing body weight, lose weight or get fat. You need to be careful not to take too much alcohol. The influence of maternal genetics is high.

Personal number -. These are sensible people, intuitive and prone to mysticism,to learning, to acquisition of money, but not materialistic. Intellectual, curious and sensitive. For them it is easy to influence. They may suffer from fear. They try to be at service to the others, they are very good as a person but constantly changing moods, heavy for the environment. They are good mediums.


Biorythm number 3 gives talkative, unreliable, charming, youthful, musical, constantly moving, intellectually curious, well-speaking foreign languages people.

Generation number 3 gives problems with lung, bronchi, hands, liver, immune system decline.People may be mentally unstable, often go from crying to laugh.

Personal number - impulsive, loving, love to learn, to travel, oriented to parapsychology research, philosophy, religion, art, have a strong intuition. Creative, inspiring, talented, a native speakers, writers, artists.


Biorythm number 4 gives very serious and gloomy look, but this is only an illusion. Very responsible, and relieves the stress through good communication. Excellent as a friend if she/he does not feel threatened, then it becomes dangerous, isolated and ready for revenge.

Generation number 4 gives a hard life, drawing a family legacy in the form of the disease or burdening by family, parents. Suffering from stomach, from rheumatism, prone to injury, melancholy.

Personal number gives worth all the hard working people. Related to the family, good organizer, patriots, often devote their lives to higher goals. Good organizers. It is difficult to discern their true feelings. Longing for a quiet family environment, harmonious relationships.


Biorythm number 5 gives constantly moving, young, pretty childish people . They do not like responsibility, unless they resolve to accept something to deal with, they are very obstinate then.They`re good in mathematics, architecture, design, can be musical and excellent negotiators. Rarely do something to their own detriment, except in their youth.

Generation number 5 gives a weak neurovegetative system, neurosis, neuralgia, issues related to the stomach, heart, hands, arthritis, pain in lungs and bronchi and arrhythmias.

Personal number 5 gives imaginative, open-minded people who loves to travel, to have complete freedom over their choice, and the ability to make choices in life. Eesthetes with a sense of design, music, film. In love life unstable,it`s difficult for them to be faithful, charmers who always get attention.


Biorythm number 6 gives people who often can`t control events, and despite the best will to organize their lifes, something happens which is why they subordinate their needs to others. Often fall in love with someone just because of his(hers) beauty.They are loyal in love.

Generation number 6 gives problems with kidney, thyroid, venous system, lungs and weak immune system, hormonal disorders, skin disorders.

Personal number 6 gives the most beautiful people .They are sacrificial, loving, talented in the arts, medicine, have a strong sense of aesthetics. They love their family, home, but because love is the most important for them, it is possible to have two marriages, to be quite confusing in love. They do not know how to set it right.


Biorythm number 7 gives the original, unpredictable, creative, impetuous, boisterous, unruly, intuitive, intellectual, loving, idealistic people.

Generation number 7 gives problems with nervous-system, injuries, circulation, inflammation of the tendons, eruptions, rashes, forgetfulness, tendency to injury.

Personal number 7 gives intellectual, interesting, mystical, nervous, introverted persones who often changes their mood , have a strong intuition, a lot of sacrifice in a marriage,relationships, hard to bear partings, struggling to keep the person they love, but they often feel lonely and misunderstood.


Biorythm number 8 gives hedonists, relaxed, in fact quite arbitrarypersones, who easily come up with the money, who are tended to laziness and who like flattery. They are not devoted, unless they are very motivated. Great seducers, but not much considerate and sensitive.

Generation number 9 gives risk of injury by weapons, problems with the lower part of abdomen, pregnancy in women and prostate in men.

When the number of personal -8. - These people have a strong will, like money, pleasure, know how to be aggressive, have some protection, they have the impression that nothing can happen, can be violent, intrusive, materialists.They have magical powers and can seduce anyone they want.


Biorythm number 9 gives loyal, affectionate persones who like to lead the final say, strenuous in their persistence, they like to do service to others, a contentious, often angry, self-centered, love to travel and the continuing professional training.

Generation number 9 gives problems with low immunity, infectious diseases, diseases of the water, hepatitis, mononucleosis, hereditary diseases often receive incorrect diagnoses. Problems with foot and pregnant.

Personal number 9 gives closed but precious people, dignified, mysterious, powerful, educated, persistent, stubborn, no one can move them out of the way. They can be a bully, polemicist, have a strong inner strength.


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    • Liva profile image

      Liva 6 years ago from Europe

      Thank you so much. This is my first article and I`m really glad to have such a nice comments :D

    • FordeAhern profile image

      FordeAhern 6 years ago from Broadford, Co. Limerick. ireland

      interesting hub thank you for sharing

    • AshWin77 profile image

      AshWin77 6 years ago from India

      Nice article,it was interesting :-)

    • Brandym2012 profile image

      Brandym2012 6 years ago from PA

      Excellent article! Very informative and very interesting.


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