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Updated on June 20, 2017

Seducer and accuser. The two greatest characteristics are the basis of the satanic magic. Satanism forms social magicians. They wrap their magic around with a question, "What would Satan do?" This questioning must be placed in all the daily situations of those who want to better understand what Satanism is, and finally, to manipulate reality. Do you think that Satan is thirsty for blood, angry, whose only goal is aggression and chaos, that he feels pleasure in torturing innocents, who wants to burn churches, a being who delights in the suffering of any human being, who acts in favor of violence, tells only lies, and manipulates people into despair and disgrace? I tell you that you could not be further from reality.

All these accusations, besides lying, are irrational. Like the serpent, would the seductress of the world seduce someone with low words or infamous attitudes? To be a good liar, needs credibility. To be a good seducer, you need beautiful words. Satan was slandered, demoted and ridiculed by the media and religions for thousands of years, until he became, for most people, just an irrational, brute being whose desires are all about doing evil, seeing the complete destruction of the world and the suffering of humans during the process.

This is an image created by the same people who hate him and want to see him weakened, diminished, impotent. Every story has several sides, to consider only one is a foolish action and will distance you from reality.

However, some features seem to be common in most descriptions of this fantastic being:

PRIDE! Satan was expelled from paradise for not accepting bow before "God". That's why he was cast out of heaven, he refused to accept anyone other than himself as his God, he reverenced only himself. He is not only proud, but also plays with the Pride of others. To know how to deal with vanity is to know how to control the human being. The Devil would not pick up on a more viable point.

WISDOM! Satan is a wise being who knows how to follow the true rules of life, who do not let himself be embroiled in the problems and situations created by the herd. He knows when to stand up and shout in protest, just as he knows the right time to remain silent and go unnoticed.

NOBILITY! Satan is the prince of darkness and carries that title as it should. He is a gentleman, educated, controlled and cortez. He keeps his calm and reason, calculates his attitudes before taking them and takes them in the most refined way possible, he is a prince and acts as such. Remember, Jehovah is an unforgivable tyrant. Satan can smile when someone says "hi".

ACTION! Satan is not only a thinker, he makes things happen, sit and wait for a divine miracle is a characteristic of the weak, the lazy, the herd. Satan knows what he wants and how to get it, so he does not stand still, he gets up to go after the fulfillment of his desires! Satan is, in essence, the Prince of Fire. Fire is the element of action, of search, which devours whatever is in his way. To be a Satanist is to be a clear representation of this Fire.

HUMOR! Satan has a great sense of humor because he knows that life is better this way. He laughs at himself as easily as he laughs at other people, he laughs and has fun, and seeks to amuse himself too. The most dangerous of men knows how to distract the conscious mind from others through humor. Every trap needs a bait.

A Satanist must accept Satan from a truly satanic point of view, and allow others to delude themselves with the grotesque image that was created around him. What others think is not important, since Satan knows of his reality, he experiences it every day of his existence, savoring the pleasures that suit him, and celebrating all his achievements.

Take this test, have a clear view of who Satan really is and use this knowledge. During the day try to act imitating the sovereign. If someone tries to be equal, he ends up becoming.

Use Satan as a reference point for your rational actions in your quest for a new world.


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