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Seeing in the Dark; Awakening

Updated on October 3, 2014

The New Perception


In My Experience

It’s not just seeing through the dirty plot of our material world, being awakened is an overall renewal of all senses and every cell that makes us who we are. You acquire an inner ‘spark’ or intuition or you realize you had it all along. Once it sits in the front seat of your life instead of sleeping in the trunk, you'll know.

We now are using a ‘different’ method of sight than before, you see through your inner core from the inside out, instead of from a lonely "outside". We acquire additional dimensions, now aware they are existing through us, we existing in them.

So this allows us to detect truth in anything we wish to see it in. By going within and trusting our little ‘spark’ rather than outer sources like people, papers, or media, we now become our center, are centered and acquire a ‘balance’ that steadies us like a baby mountain.

When you’re awake you can see in the dark. That means you can see through everything and everyone with your senses and inner knowing. That means, your navigation system is oiled and working well.

When you’re awake, universal puzzle pieces join together for you to hear their truth. You have an inner system clearly guiding you and it also changes how you feel about nature and all things belonging to it. Because you now realize who you are, what you are.

When you’re awake untruths feel heavy to your sensory system and do not resonate with you any longer. And you cannot tolerate them.

When you’re awake you are vibrating at a higher level, and all you’ve seen before you’re now seeing from a different space and perspective; and that object or situation is not the same as it once was, to you. When you’re awake you feel a strong love, love takes precedence, now your guide is felt on a more intense level.

You will get a sense of living differently, and all that was from your old world will seem smaller: your circle of friends, family and people you knew. But then another circle widens because of what’s opening up for you. Your material world shrinks while your inner world expands. You now see from the renewed space within, and how can anything outside remain the same?

Your brain will try to evaluate what you are seeing, try to tell you that things have not changed, but deep inside you know that nothing is completely as it was.

Once your soul is ready to make this transition, you step forth. From here, there is no returning, for this is a permanent and forwarding journey only. How do I know? From my inner installed guidance.

Anyone can raise their vibration with intentions to. Now that the Earth’s rising in frequency thanks to the natural course of things, we have a universe of assistance to help us make this transit easier. It's reciprocal; if we raise our frequency, the earth rises hers, if she rises we rise! It’s no longer a matter of waking up when the soul is ready; our souls are being taken by the hands into never-never land as I write this. All of Earth’s mankind is at the threshold, so shall we go up? This stairway leads to heaven.



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