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Updated on September 5, 2009


Martin was a shoe-maker. He lost his wife and children. He lost his faith in God. One day a friend came to him and said. You are sad. What there in my life? I’ve lost my wife and children. I’ve lost faith in God? The friend said. Martin don’t lose faith in God. Read the Bible.

Martin then began to read the Bible, Every night he read it when he went to bed. One night christ appeared in Martin’s dream and said Martin, I am going  to come to your house tomorrow.

Martin woke up in the morning. He opened his window and he looked through the window and looked at every passer by. At that time a woman came near his window. She was carrying a baby inher arms. Martin took pity on her. He opened the door. He said to the woman, you can come in. Why are you standing in the cold?

The woman came in. He gave her some bread and drink. He said to her give me your baby. I’ll look after your baby, while you are eating the bread. You can feed the baby afterwards.

While she was eating. She said to Marting her sad story.  She said. My husband joined the army eight months ago. I haven’t heard anything about him. I became a cook in a house. I was there when this baby was born. When they sent me away. I sold all my clother for bread. I don’t have a cloth to cover the baby with.

Martin took pity on her. He gave her a blouse. She took it fromhim and thanked martin. He then gaver her a cup of milk. She gave the milk to the baby. When she took leave of Martin, she said, Sir the Lord sent me to your house. He probably told you to look out for me. Martin smiled and said Last night Lord christ appeared before me in my dreamand said Martin I’ll visit your house tomorrow. Martin then gave her some money. She thanked Martin and went away.

The whole day he sat by the window and waited for Christ. Christ did not appear, It got dark. He lit the lamp. He began to read the Bible.  The he heard some noise. He looked up and saw all around. He saw some dim form in the corner. He saw the form of the woman and her baby. She seemed to say Martin don’t you know me? The form soon disappeared.

Martin began to read the Bible. He read these words. I was hungry. You gave me food. I was thirsty, you gave me drink. I was a stranger you took me in. At the bottom of the page he read these words. When you have done this to a very poor fellow-man, you have don’t it to me. Martin then thought, Surely Lord christ came to my house in the form of a woman.


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