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White Supremacists: From Hitler to the White House

Updated on March 27, 2017

Main Supremacists Groups, Tactics & Philosophies

When I was a young adult, I worked as a Perkins waitress in Bemidji in northern Minnesota. There as a man who was a white supremacist who was arrested at the Perkins restaurant where I worked. He was a member of the Possee Comitatus. He had amassed a whole lot of ammunition at his house. He was a tax protestor and had placed false liens against different parties. This group loves isolation, so they can do their deeds incognito. They are survivalists and believe that the white race is superior to others races. They are part of the Christian Identity Movement which views Jews, the IRS and Federal Reserve as enemies to be eliminated. This an example of just one of the white supremacists groups.

So what is white supremacy? White supremacy is a system which favors the white race over other races. People act as individuals and also can be part of a group which discriminates against people of color, Jews, Muslims and other minority groups. They also have an antiquated view of women, viewing them as subservient to men.

The Klu Klux Klan (KKK), Aryan Nation, Skin Heads, and Neo-Nazis are other major white supremacist groups. The Afrikaners of South Africa are now non-existent since 1991 when the apartheid system of South Africa was abolished.

The KKK rose to prominence after the Civil War. They hate blacks, Jews, Muslims, people of color, immigrants and promote a subservient role for women. They were involved with lynching blacks down South in the 1950's and 1960's and supported Jim Crow Laws. They believe in the separation of the races.

The Aryan Nation promotes separation of the races, like the KKK advocates. They want to maintain purity of the white race like Hitler did. Hitler believed the Aryans had superior characteristics and qualities. Other races should be eliminated as much as possible as far as Hitler was concerned. They, along with the KKK, endorsed Trump for President during the election season. They have been quite active, along with the KKK, in promoting hatred of immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans and Jews. Since the 2016 election over 800 incidents have occurred against Jews, Muslims, immigrants and Mexicans. Some of the Trump supporters said they were emboldened by the election of Trump and believed that they had a right to do this now that Trump was in the White House. Steven Bannon, the main advisor for Trump, is a white supremacist. Some individuals use the term ultra right in describing these individuals.

The Skin Heads have a sub group, which also believes in white supremacy. They are a group of young men who shave their heads and oppose authority in general. However, the subgroup, which are white supremacists, is a small percentage of the whole Skin Heads Group.

The Neo-Nazis admire Hitler and believe in his philosophy. Nazi Germany promoted the idea of a master race, the Aryans, who were superior to everyone else. They eliminated and killed Jews, people with disabilities, Slavs, Romani (Gypies) and gays and lesbians because they wanted a pure race and society. When I was in Madison, Wisconsin, I saw the Neo-Nazis from Chicago march down State Street demonstrating with their hateful speech. They did not remain there very long. A group of people started beating them up. They got out of there very fast before the police arrived on the scene. A number of years ago I saw Neo-Nazis demonstrating in front of the Capitol Building in St. Paul, Minnesota. The police were there to watch them and they only used hateful speech, but used no violence.

Hitler gained power, but not right away in Germany. It took the Nazis awhile to take over the government. President Paul Hindenburg was the one who appointed Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany. He wanted a dictatorship in place and thought that was the answer to Germany's economic woes. The Great Depression and Stock Market Crash had occurred. Germany had been paying large sums of money to the Allies as part of the Versailles Treaty from WWI. Keep in mind Hitler did not win a majority when he was appointed Chancellor. Hindenburg had won the election. This is very similar to the Presidential election situation where Hillary Clinton won the total popular vote and Trump won the Electoral College vote. Hitler blamed the Jewish socialists for the economic problems of Germany. He said they promoted the payments to the Allies in the treaty. Hitler became a dictator over time and eventually established a system which developed the Holocaust where Jews, Slavs, Romani, those with disabilities and gays and lesbians were killed through the institution of concentration camps. He had a propaganda media system which destroyed the legitimate press. You will notice how Trump has banned almost all legitimate media from access to the White House. Hitler also made most of the decisions and did not consult too many advisors. Trump relies on Steve Bannon to develop executive orders without legal or congressional consultation. He has focused mainly on executive orders as a way to achieve his goals and has not worked with Congress very much.

Immigrants are the focus of Trump's ire. He believes that they are the terrorists. The truth is the largest group of terrorists who have caused violence and death in the United States are white supremacists. Trump took the KKK off the terrorist watch list. He is allowing many more people to obtain weapons with his new executive order on hand guns, which does not help when you want to stop terrorism from happening. If you want to stop terrorism in the United States, the white supremacists are the groups you need to watch.

The recent incidents of the vandalizing of Jewish cemeteries and bomb threats against Jewish Centers have happened all over the United States. There were bomb threats at the Jewish Centers in Minnesota at St. Louis Park and Highland Park, which is a Jewish neighborhood in St. Paul.

Trump has focused his attention on Hispanics, Muslims and Caribbean communities. You will notice that all these groups voted predominately for Hillary Clinton. There were raids on Hispanics near the Mexican border and Hindus and Muslims from the Caribbean immigrant community of New York City, especially in Richmond Hill and Queens. Muslims have been harassed by ICE personnel and had their cell phones taken away. ICE asked for pass codes. They were detained for hours, but some were deported. One Canadian Muslim grandmother was not allowed to fly out of Chicago because she had an eman praying on her cellphone. There were no terrorists on her cell phone. One Indian engineer was killed and one wounded by a man who thought they were Iranians. He told them to get out the country. One NASA scientist of Indian ancestry who was American born had to surrender his cell phone to ICE and they asked for pass codes. He is not allowed by NASA to do this, but he was forced to by these individuals. In half an hour they realized he was telling them the truth and they let him go. Two famous writers have been harassed by ICE and detained. One of them was a white female Australian author. People with green cards have had similar situations happen to them. A man from Trinidad was detained when he was flying and it turned out his wife was a well known journalist. She wrote about his ordeal.

Travel is down, business is down and fruits and vegetables are not being picked in the fields by immigrants. People are afraid to come here. They are afraid of being deported. Anxiety is deep among immigrants and even among naturalized citizens. We, as a nation, need to stand up for the rights of immigrants. They help our economy and even create small business jobs. They pay a significant amount in taxes and reap few benefits. Contact your member of Congress and support them and their basic human rights.




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    • radhapriestess profile image

      radhapriestess 10 months ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Well, Donald loves Fox and we will see on the army.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 10 months ago from Australia

      Like hitler there will be a few token efforts made purely for publicities sake. Behind the scenes white supremacists are being placed in positions of power. Soon we will see Donald's own press and his own army.

    • radhapriestess profile image

      radhapriestess 10 months ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your views on the topic. In a few cases there was action taken. There was a Guyanese Muslims woman who was kicked by a Trump supporter who said he could do this now. The security department called the police and the police arrested him and now he's in jail. They did arrest the guy who shot at the Indians. This is good to see. However The White House won't be doing much, of course, because they believe in the white supremacists philosophy. That is why average people have to stand up to Trump and contact Congress about issues. Congress members have been bombarded lately. Some of them are getting the message, but some are staying away from town hall meetings.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 10 months ago from Australia

      A good review of white supremacy.

      Of course there won't be any real action taken against recent USA attacks on non whites. Only token "action" and the usual denials from Trump cronies that it has anything to do with Donald's vicious racist rhetoric.

      Sai Ram.