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Updated on March 4, 2010


This is a question that can agitate great mind on the face of this earth. Because the question is a direct probe into your source or your root as a human, i.e. who are you? The ability of any man to attempt to establish who he or she is marks the beginning of a new face of life in his existence on earth. Ironically, from generations to generations man has found it difficult to know who he is. Due to this, can we now say that our entire civilization is built upon a misinterpretation of man? Or that the tragedy of man is due to the fact that he is a being who has forgotten this question: Who is Man? The failure to identify himself, to know what authentic human existence is, leads him to assume a false identity, pretending to be what he is unable to be or to not accepting what is at the very root of his being. Ignorance about the real man is not lack of knowledge, but false knowledge.”

Folks, there is a saying which says, “knowing the root of any problem gives you or get you closer to the solution of that very problem or circumstances” that as it may be, for us as human to know whom we are, we must first and foremost know our source, i.e. the origin of man must be well ascertained then from there our identity and purpose on earth can be well articulated to the fullest. There will be no more pretending and living fake and false life as it has been and still be today.

Now let’s look at the two most prominent theories or beliefs that have made an attempt to provide solution to this greatest quest of man. These are the theory made pronounced by Charles Darwin, the theory of Evolution and the Christian’s belief of God as the creator of the universe and everything therein and man inclusive. Now let’s X-ray these theory and belief:

EVOLUTION OF MAN: This is a belief that man was an ape some millions years ago. That is man come into existence through changes over time from an inanimate objects to animate object specifically ape to what man is now.

And now, the currently-accepted theory of the evolution of man rests on three major principles. These principles hinge on the innate ability which all creatures have to pass on their genetic information to their offspring through the reproductive process. An alternative explanation for homology is a common designer. According to this reasoning, the similarities in anatomical features between species point to a blueprint used by a Creator/Designer.

The first principle is microevolution, the occurrence and build-up of mutations in the genetic sequence of an organism. Mutations are predominantly random and can occur naturally through errors in the reproductive process or through environmental impacts such as chemicals or radiation.

The second principle of evolution is natural selection. Natural selection is a natural mechanism by which the fittest members of a species survive to pass on their genetic information, while the weakest are eliminated (die off) because they are unable to compete in the wild. Natural selection is often termed "survival of the fittest" or "elimination of the weakest."

The third principle is speciation, which occurs when members of a species mutate to the point where they are no longer able to breed with other members of the same species. The new population becomes a reproductively isolated community that is unable to breed with its former community. Through speciation, the genes of the new population become isolated from the previous group.


However, this theory is heavily under scrutiny due to the persistence of gaps in the fossil record, the inability to demonstrate "life-or-death" determining advantageous genetic mutations, and the lack of experiments or observations to truly confirm the evidence for speciation. Overall, the evolution of man is only a theory that is relevant in the scientific community. This is not because it has been proven scientifically, but because alternative viewpoints bring with them metaphysical implications which go against the modern naturalistic paradigm. Nevertheless, a closer examination of the evidence reveals evolution to be increasingly less scientific and more reliant upon beliefs, not proof. Having said that, with my little knowledge of science, science is all about observation and objectivity, “over millions of years that man has changed from ape to the state he is now, HE has not make any attempt to change to the next state and unfortunately the so call apes are still in existence, they have not exterminated.” That is something to think about.


The position taken by the Bible and all believers is that man had its origin as a direct creation by God. They quote liberally from the first chapters of Genesis for their "world view" of origins.

The purpose of the Bible, and particularly the account of creation in Genesis, is to explain who and why, not what and when. The Theory of Evolution addresses what and when, not who and why. Was there a time when there were no "men". Everyone agrees yes! Are there men now? Yes! So there must have been a "first" man! My purpose here is not primarily to discuss the numerous variants of the Theory of Evolution and then to poke holes in each one. The evolutionists already do that themselves. Our purpose is to discuss the "who", usually God (Gen. 1:1), and the "why", usually with the long term purpose of "bringing many sons to glory" (Heb. 2:10). According to the scripture, man was created by God. That is, he was form from the dust and God breath into his nostril and he come alive to become a living being. The breath is the spirit of God that he released upon man that made him to take the nature of God to partner with Him in advancing the course of creation. And man is made of the body, soul and the spirit.

Dear Hubbers, I may want to rest my case here, but as I said from the onset of this article that, “the height that any man can go in life, relatively depends on the much you know about yourself, i.e. knowing who you are, your origin, the actual purpose of your existence”. You comments are highly welcome.


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