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Updated on October 20, 2016
Immersion (baptism) of Yeshua ben Miriam.
Immersion (baptism) of Yeshua ben Miriam. | Source


From the Gospel accounts we know that in (baptismal) immersion there is a connection to another concept, something older than Christianity. We shall examine all well known writings concerning the topic for clues to an answer. The connection is to the question of adoptionism, and those who would be deemed the children of God.

The Prophetic Torah tells us:

Unto Jehovah is the kingdom, and dominion, amongst the Nations (Goyim)! All of vigour upon this Earth shall eat and bow down before His face, all of those declining unto dust, and none can preserve his life. A seed shall serve Him, it shall be accounted unto my Lord, for the new generation. They will come and shall declare His righteousness unto a people unborn, for He hath fashioned this work (Ps.22:28-31).

Yet it was the desire of Jehovah to break him by wounding, but only so you shall place his life as a guilt offering. He shall see progeny, that days may not be cut short, and the delight of Jehovah will prosper in his hand (Isa.53:10).

The Gospel accounts read:

He came unto his own, but his own rejected him. Yet he gave, to as many as would adhere to him, and believe in his name, the liberty to become the children of God. Born, not of blood, nor of inclination to pleasure, nor of the determination of man, but generated (begotten; a conversion metaphor) of God (John1:11-13).

There was a man from the sect of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a chief of the Jewish [Sanhedrin].

This man came to Yeshua by night, saying to him, "Rabbi, we have perceived you as a teacher [sent] from Jehovah. For not one of these signs, which you have the power to perform, can be done, unless God is with a man."

Yeshua answered, saying to him, "Amen, amen, I declare to you, unless a man be begotten anew, he is not empowered to perceive the kingdom of God."

Nicodemus declared unto him, "How then may an old man [as myself] derive the power to be begotten? In no way is he empowered to venture into his mother's womb a second time to be begotten!"

Yeshua answered, "Amen, amen, I declare to you, unless a man be begotten of water and Spirit, he is in no way empowered to enter into the kingdom of God. That begotten of the flesh is flesh, whereas that begotten of Spirit is Spirit. Do not marvel over that which I have said to you, it is obligatory that you be begotten anew. The ruach (wind, Spirit) blows where it will, and you hear its sound, but you do not discern from whence it comes, and whither it withdraws. It is so for everyone begotten of the Ruach."

Nicodemus answered, saying to him, "How is it these things have been empowered to come to pass?"

Yeshua said, "You are the teacher of Israel, and you do not know these things?" (John3:1-10).

"For what are you not knowing my tongue? Because you have not the power to hear my word! You are from a father; The Satan, and delight in doing the lusts of your father! That one was a manslayer from the beginning, and the truth will not remain firmly established in him, since truth is not to be found in him. Whenever he speaks falsehood it is out of his own mouth he speaks, for he is a liar, indeed the father of lies! Yet because I declare the truth, you will not believe me!" (John8:43-45).

The Gnostic text of John is pointing in a specific direction, but the context is indeterminate. Indeed the words of John8 are said to have been misused historically in an anti-Semitic context. Some in contemporary Judaism point to the homilies of John Chrystostom (c.386AD), before he became Archbishop of Constantinople, as an obvious example of hostility towards both Jews and Nazarenes (Followers of The Way). Of course Jesus was speaking to Jews as a Jew, and he was consistently warning his fellows about the true state of the world. His words can never be taken at face value. The same author, known as John, later expands on this theology in the finale of the New Testament (c.70AD).

Nicodemus Meets With Jesus In Secret.


I discern your acts, and the affliction, and the poverty, despite your abundance, and the impiety of those declaring themselves to be Jewish (praiseworthy). Indeed they are not but the synagogue (assembly) of The Adversary (Rev.2:9)!

Behold, from out of the synagogue of The Adversary, of those declaring themselves to be Jews; I do award. Indeed they are not, but they are deceiving! Behold, I shall make them so that they shall arrive in thy presence and prostrate before your feet, so they may know that I love you (Rev.3:9)!


In the Mosaic Torah there is a prophetic decree given through Moses to a nation of pagan infidels, being Egypt: And you shall make utterance unto Pharaoh, thus says Jehovah, "My son, my firstborn; Israel, and I say unto you; send forth my son..." (Ex.4:22-23).

This was subsequently interpreted through the Pauline epistles thus: For I desire you not to be in ignorance brothers, since our fathers were all under the Cloud [of God], and all passed through the [Red] Sea, and collectively unto this were immersed [by] Moses; in the Cloud, and in the Sea (1Cor.10:-2).

In Jesus' mission to renew the kingdom (1Sam.11:14) it was understood by his followers that his own immersion was a partial fulfilment of the second Psalm (Ps.2:7-8). According to a particular Western text-type manuscript, known as Codex Bezae, Jehovah spoke the words of the Psalm as Jesus came forth from his immersion: "You are a son to me, on this day have I begotten thee!" ( ).

The Book of Mormon extrapolates on the philosophy of these principles:

Then they all cried with one voice saying, "For sure! We believe all the words which thou hast spoken unto us, knowing, moreover, of their surety and truth! Since the Ruach of our Adonay Omnipotent, having wrought a mighty change in us, rather in our hearts, that we are no more disposed unto evil acts, but working persistently to goodness... And we are desiring to enter into a covenant with our God, to do His will, and obedience to His commandments, in all things that He shall command us, for all the allotment of our days! That we may not bring upon ourselves a never-ending torment, as has been spoken by the angel, that we may not drink out of the cup the wrath of God!"

Then indeed, these were the words which King Benjamin desired of them, therefore he said unto them, "Ye have spoken the words that I desired, and the covenant which you have undertaken is a covenant unto righteousness! Now, because of the covenant which ye made, so you shall be deemed the children of an Anointed One; sons and daughters! For behold, this day hath he begotten thee! Since, as you say, your very hearts are changed through faith on his name; therefore ye are born unto him, becoming his; sons and daughters! Under his head (Ps.118:22, Isa.28:16) are ye made free, and there is no other head whereby you can be made free! Neither is any other name given whereby this salvation of God shall come unto us! Therefore I desire of you all to take upon yourselves the name of a coming Anointed, all having entered into the covenant with Jehovah, that ye display obedience unto your living end!"


Only in an Islamic scripture do we find a single valid answer for the question of why baptism is critical to those who would be adopted into the fold of Israel.

The prophet said, "When any human is being born, Ha-Satan touches him at both sides of the body with two fingers, but for Jesus, son of Mary. When Ha-Satan tried to touch him, he failed, contacting the placenta cover instead!" (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol.4, #506).

Psalm 2 From The Perspective Of Orthodox Judaism.

The Mystical Interpretation Of Early Torah.

Internet author Tony Badillo has written a number of articles on the mystical interpretation of Torah events. I thoroughly recommend: to expand upon the theology I have presented here. Badillo interprets the action of water as a medium to roll away sin within the context of key event in Exodus.


There is a relatively extensive theology built up in the Gospel and Apocalypse of John, which has been open to misinterpretation throughout history. Jesus is quoted as rebuking Nicodemus, but the matter is never fully revealed therein. Like other gnostic citations, the reader is left to interpret matters for himself. From the Old Testament to the Book of Mormon, the Messiah is said to have children. Conversely the Islamic teachings reveal the answer to the mystery. For Ha-Satan (The Adversary) becomes a father to every human being, except one, and every child of Adam comes into his foul inheritance. Jesus came to break this cycle with a spiritual birth liken unto that received by the first two humans (being free of contamination). Given to all those thinking they have the strength to walk within the covenant. Only knowing the real Messiah will empower a believer with the truth.


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