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"Unity" , what does it mean to you ?

Updated on March 6, 2013

Heaven on earth

Unity , What Does It Mean To You ?

What does it mean to you? Our Pledge Of Allegiance says " United We Stand " , does Unity mean loyalty ? Loyalty to what ? A cause ? A person ? A country ? Or yourself ?

To me Unity , True Unity would be the collective populations of the world coming together in harmony with each other , not just to support a cause , country or individual perspective but each other as equals as " one " . Just because it is right , not because its the new fad , the "in " thing to do , just because it " is " . Come together in harmony as "one " !

Harmony ; to be consistent , equal , no one better none worse , no hierarchy , no double standards , just "one " ! The bible says love thy neighbor as thyself . Why would I want to be my neighbors enemy if I were my own ? That does not make sense to me on any level , to be my own opponent . I can't imagine looking in the mirror telling myself how worthless and what a slob I am or any other shameful demeaning words a person could think of and feel good about it so why would I refer to my neighbor in that manor ? To make my neighbor feel unsuperior is to make myself feel the same because he is me and I am him , we are one ! All of us are one and the same , so why aren't we unified , harmonious and thoughtful of each other ? Why are we so mean to ourselves ? So miserable ! Like attracts like , like a magnet , this being a given I personally am gonna be a friendly happy neighbor because I love myself . Unity , how hard is it really for a whole to become one ? Especially for a life of absolute happiness in every way ? To become one in belief, in empathy , in every way , we are already one ! We are not separate people "un" to ourselves , we are separate personalities but multiple personalities of the same one entity . Personalities enjoying different experiences at the same time but still reporting to the same creator of oneness . Ourselves !

Imagine a snowball all packed tight and round in a ball , it is individually without much question "one" a single entity to its self ,right ? Now throw this snowball at a brick wall and it explodes into billions of pieces , is it still not part of the snowball ? If you gathered each piece and packed it back together would it not be one again ? Still a snow ball right ? Now everybody unify yourself with God , you are "one" . You are God exploded into many different personalities having different experiences reporting back to the same collective and when re-united we are God . One and the same . Unity now seems so right , have a lovely and wonderful day every day neighbor .

Unity , help spread the feeling . Peace , Love and Light .

Vagabond Mystic , Missouri


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