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Updated on August 2, 2015


  • The man’s explanation was not convincing enough to her.
  • Adam was a weak man and at that never draw a dividing line in their relationship, should she ever have anything to do with the tree and its fruits.
  • She has always seen a gentle God in every of their fellowship.

The woman has a lesser portion of the blame because she was not present when God warned Adam against that tree and its fruits. It was on that day that God showed himself as a consuming fire. His voice quake the entire universe and Adam was deafened as he lay motionless on the ground. He failed entirely to lecture Eve what happened on that day. So with that lukewarm explanation and God ever gentle disposition at fellowship meeting made Eve think light of the consequences of eating the fruits of that tree. GENESIS 3: 3, 4 Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. This was the woman’s first response and this statement the devil made light of by saying YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE. This was trying to make God a liar by reducing the weight of the command of God. The devil is the only creature who tells half-truth about God’s commandment to man. YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE IS NOT THE SAME AS YE SHALL NOT DIE. This statement is same as you shall not really die meaning somehow you will die. The statement YE SHALL NOT SURELY DIE was aimed at making the women compare the loving God she has always interacted with and this has statement of killing her just like that. Definitely this does rhyme and this is what the devil is doing about hell today by making us feel and ask CAN THIS LOVING GOD CAST MAN INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE? Let us learn from Eve’s case now because the Devil is still using the same old tactics.

Adam had never stood his ground on any of his obligations. He failed God both martially and in parental obligations. God’s commandment he threw back at him by saying the wife you gave to me made me fail you. This shows that even in God’s plan we need to be very serious and careful not to fail him as no excuse is tenable.

The essence of every temptation is to make us love and admire sin above its implications. We are over whelmed by the temptations of the devil, the moment we begin to fantasize the opinions and options of the devil. This was the case with Eve when she saw the tree and its fruits in a more sophisticated appearance so much that her initial belief on the instructions of God concerning the tree died a natural death within her.

Her obsession made her eat it and consequently made her husband to do the same. This episode explains JAMES 1: 14, 15. The woman lusted after this tree which she later ate and this brought human race to where we are today.


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