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Updated on September 24, 2012


Many thoughts are born through ideas and suggestions. With todays social media sites we are expressing ourselves more so than ever before. Some of these quotes are original or derived by others. Many are great scriptures from the Bible the most powerful WORD in the world. We can never go wrong with the written word or can we? These quotes will help you decide or at least provoke you to think.


  • What lies behind us (bondage) & what lies before us (equality) are tiny matters (race) compared to who (JESUS) that lives within us.
  • His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue "is" mischief and vanity.

    He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages: In the secret places doth he murder the innocent: his eyes are privily set against the poor. ~Psalms 10:8-9
  • I once prided myself on being an DEMOCRAT; never cared too much for the Republicans because most of their issues are based on SELFISHNESS AND GREED. My new party is INDEPENDENT CHRISTIAN because the Dems are cowardly and the Pubs are bullies.

    It doesn't matter the color of skin or who's con is the best; but I will not VOTE for anyone who's commitment is not towards the poor and disadvantaged.
  • The devil's advocates are feeling pretty good about themselves this morning. Spreading hate through messages of victory. In my opinion the whole process sucks and is just another way for all the suits and the idots that follow them to make fools out of themselves.

    God is my SALVATION and it is through Jesus Christ and him alone I claim the VICTORY!



  • Young people are too arrogant and silly for their own good! I remember the days when we were young the ADULTS stayed readied to check our ignorance. The adults of today are to busy wearing "S" on their chest trying to be these young 'ems "Super Friends!"

    This is what's wrong with our young people......NO LEADERSHIP, NO GUIDANCE AND DEFINITELY NO ROLE MODELS. Another smdh moment!
  • Being a MOTHER is being everything for your children. You cannot make a man be a Father; but you can make him compensate you and his child for his absence.

    If you hurt his feelings, oh well! A real man would have stayed around for his child with or without you......NO EXCUSES.

    Put a GPS on his aspirations and a tracker on his wallet. If he can't understand that, TOO BAD! If you are being woman enough to support your child through your EMPLOYMENT, why should he get off the hook.?
  • No one likes or respects a pretender.......KEEP IT REAL.
  • The mind is like a living computer. Everything we hear and see is stored into MEMORY. No matter how we try to forget bad things we can't; BUT we do move on. Too much information at once can and will overwhelm our systems. How fast we regroup is how fast we close out the damaging information.......ZOOM!

  • MOST problems can be solved if we apply SELF CONTROL! – It's an important Fruit of the Spirit.
  • There is alot of shaking my dam head (smdh) going on these days. People appear to be getting stupider by the second.
  • I thought the hunters in America were horrific for killing Bambi; but I just saw Nightline with these Artic Hunters....Man!!!
    Those bastards are monsters the way they killed this innocent seal pup; MONSTEROUS!!! Knew he was afraid and alone and up close and personal hit him in the head and gutted him on the spot. The nasty part was they didn't even try to cook him......ATE HIM RAW! I hope they get the cooties!
  • THERE IS A TIME FOR EVERYTHING; EVEN SILENCE. Being wise is knowing when to speak and when to shut up! All things do not need to be said rather shown. Being vocal about every negative emotion that consumes you is giving a voice to ignorance. We all are guilty of this; especially since SOCIAL SITES give us the means to express ourselves. I have always been told if I do not have anything to say then I should say nothing at all.

    It is easier said than done. SILENCE is golden and a word mis-spoken at the wrong time can cost us dearly. Not only with people; but with GOD as well. I am mindful of the words I put out there now more than ever.
  • The very first step to honesty in a dishonest world is to be TRUTHFUL with ourselves.
  • A person's CHARACTER is not evident by the things they possess or what they say about themselves but by the way they GIVE.

    Being driven by money is like being driven off a cliff.

    To say one thing but do another is being complicated.

    We are as one when we agree. The battle begins when we don't.

    No two people can be exactly LIKE. One will fail while the other one succeeds.
  • When you hurt, use your pain as strength to help lift yourself and others. Too many of us complain about our problems when we could be helping someone else facing the same problem.

    You cannot fall when you are always on your knees. Praying help us focus on something greater than our problems. Someone who will guide us out of our darkest hours to His light......SHINE BECAUSE YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT!
  • Why do some men insist on showing their men boobs by being shirtless in public? Shouldn't they be subjected to the same laws for women about public nudity? Why are they not made to wear bras to cover up those things.......REALLY!!!

    It's like watching a fat chick in spandex....

    ~ yeah I said it
  • When GOD blesses you; YOU should bless others! What is the use of a gift and it doesn't keep giving. Your home is for the weary travelers with no place to go. Your food is meant to be shared when others have nothing to eat. Your God given wisdom is meant to be shared with those whom are lost, afraid and lonely as a guiding light to their Heavenly Father.

    Jesus gave each of us the Gift of Life and in remembrance of Him we should be the GIFTS THAT KEEPS ON "GIVING."

    A life without SACRIFICE is not a life worth living!
  • We should not write off people who function differently as others. What we believe to be crazy or retarded,,,,,,GOD sees them as special gifts.

    Gifts that serve as a LIVING TESTIMONY to His kingdom.

    There are many that write off children as being immature without a purpose. We must remember that Jesus said, WHAT YOU DO UNTO CHILD, YOU ALSO DO UNTO ME.

    Children are blessings regardless of the sin that brought them here. Just as the elderly we should take care of them regardless of what inconvenience they may bring to our lives.


  • There is nothing like a PRAYING mother! I remember the days when there was such a day as a white and black ONLY everything. Separation was a way of life.......when blacks were met with open opposition. But the HIGHLIGHTS of a hard day from the cotton fields was MOTHER surrounding us around the heater, telling us stories of JESUS CHRIST! Knowing God made our lives peaceful in a world that did not want us. We all are alright regardless of our circumstances as long as we follow Jesus. Thank You, Mother for introducing Him to us.

    ~Rev. Thomas B white
  • Stop putting your confidence in outward things. You are a child of God and He loves you! That gives you worth and value.
  • Father, please show us who we really are, and what is in our hearts. -- Then help us apply the courage, wisdom, and discipline needed to make necessary changes. ~In Jesus' Name, Amen
  • My life was binded in chains; BUT You set me free and You keep making a way for me!!!

  • God is making moves in my life that I do not fully understand; but, it's not for me to understand now. It's for me to follow His will for my life and not ask questions or even doubt the people he's putting in my life or returning to my life. This is about OBEDIENCE on my part; but most of all TRUST.



  • A woman wows her man. She knows how to keep the fire lit in his furnance mentally and spiritually. Without even trying she keeps him fully engaged with her talk, her walk and everything wo-man.

    She does not bother herself with the competiton because she has none. She does not lower her standards to keep her man; but she does rises to every occasion to raise his expectations. She will walk awaywhen needed and return when equally met. She compromises and negotiate to keep her and her man satisfied and she will expect nothing LESS from him. She knows that LOVE is to be nurtured and not abused. She also knows that LOVE is mainly spiritual and part physical connection.

    God created woman to be woven into every fiber of her man. To keep him balanced, to keep him fulfilled and to keep him "Man."
  • There will always be trials and tribulations!
    Families broken, illness and death, the one so tragic is when we forget to love ourselves. Many think this is a selfish act; but who has your back? Who has you when you are broken down? Looking stupid and wearing the face of a clown.

    People will use you until you are used up! Ashes to ashes and Dust to dust. Once you are gone nothing will STOP! They will still be using and being busted flops.

    PUT GOD FIRST while you are trying to save others you will........SAVE YOURSELF!
  • SECURITY without love, what is that about? There is nothing wrong with wanting to have your bills paid; BUT, at what price? Being with someone who will possibly physically and mentally abuse you because they can?

    SLICK is what oily substances are and not what people do. We as people know when others are USING us. LOVE at first will help us slide our way in; but a swift kick in the ____ will be ou...r way out. Not to mention the mistreatment we will get in between.

    Instead of using someone to get your bills paid. GET AND KEEP A JOB! Never let anyone be in the position to control you. Always be in the position where you are going to MAINTAIN with or without their financial assistance. Stop being an USER and be the one in CONTROL. Being in a LOVELESS relationship for status and financial gain makes someone the LOSER.
    The one who calls the shots and controls the money has the advantage. Think about it!
  • Being lied to is worse than being beaten. Unlike a beating which heals; a lie follows us throughout our lives because it's the REALIZATION you are nothing more than a game piece being played by a PLAYER.

    Anyone who follows the player is charged with his game and the game continues until you STOP IT! Don't let what one player did dictate how you live or feel once they are gone. You continue to let them win as long as you keep them in the game. Sometimes you must be the one to press exit and start over anew.....GAME OVER!


  • Encouragement is simply lifting the spirits of others. Inspiring them to become what they want to see in the world. Sometimes all it takes is an listening ear or an encouraging word to change someone's life. Showing others kindness through love is the powerful GIFT we can give. ~Pfp
  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Use your haters as your Motivation!"

    ~Steve Harvey
  • In times of troubles, fearful and trembling, I have and will call out to my God (my Provider) that sits high and looks low!

    And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! "for then" would I fly away, and be at rest.
    (see Psalm 55:6)
  • Every Single Human Being.....when the entire situation is taken into account has always, at every moment of the past, done the very best he or she could do.

    Therefore neither deserves blame nor reproach from anyone, including SELF.


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