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Updated on August 19, 2014

Women More Prone to Chemical Sensitivity

A number of years ago, I was so sick from environmental exposures that I could not work. Eventually I got better by eliminating chemicals and dental materials (mercury fillings) from my environment which were causing me serious health effects. My condition is called chemical sensitivity or environmental sensitivity. Many women live with environmentally caused illnesses. Many do not know what is causing their ill health. Alternative health providers know of the condition but many medical doctors are unaware of the condition.

Because women have estrogen they are more prone to developing environmental illnesses. Many modern day chemicals affect estrogen levels in our bodies. Women are encouraged to look attractive, so they use cosmetics and make up which often cause cancer and other illnesses. Some of the other health effects are: allergies, sensitivities, rashes, respiratory problems, hormonal disruptions, eye damage, organ damage, infertility, kidney damage, liver damage, throat irritations, cell structure changes, immune system disruptions, headaches, dizziness and fatigue. If you are experiencing symptoms like these, you may be chemically or environmentally sensitive.

Another big source of exposure is cleaning supplies. Many people are ignorant of the ill health effects caused by using these types of products. All of these products are bad for your health and the environment. The University of Minnesota tested the effectiveness of these chemical products vs. using hot water. All of the chemical products failed to kill germs. Hot water was the only thing which consistently killed germs. Not only are you exposing yourself to products which cause ill health effects, you are failing to do a good job of eliminating germs.

In the Vedas the ecological health of the planet is promoted. The Vedas is a collection of books which center on ecology, Ayurvedic Medicine, science, hymns, philosophy and rituals. Ayurvedic Medicine uses natural plants, herbs and substances to promote health. These types of natural substances are ecological and in line with nature and Mother Earth. They have been tested over thousands of years and are safe to use. The FDA does not actually tests chemicals. The companies and corporations do the testing. The FDA can take the product off the market but that often takes an incident where a lot of people get sick. This is not a very good system to ensure your health and safety.

Fortunately many people are changing their life styles to be more in line with Ayurvedic principles. Most American yoga studios use natural soaps and cleaning products. No nasty air freshners in their bathrooms. They use natural essential oils to control odors. Instead of chemical cleaning products they use: borax, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, bon ami, essential oils and natural soaps to clean their spaces. In fact composting and recycling are common practices in these studios in cities where recycling is available. Some cities, like Minneapolis, even have one-sort recycling. Hindu mandirs need to implement many of these environmental practices. Some, like Devi Mandir in Canada, are green mandirs. Shri Gaayatri Mandir in Minneapolis implemented recycling. The Meditation Center in Minneapolis has one-sort recycling, composting and uses ceramic dishes instead of paper or plastic plates. Some New York and Guyanese mandirs have implemented some of the more environmental practices. The other mandirs need to adopt these practices. Youth often ask why we do not implement these practices. They are very right in asking the question.

When I changed over to using natural cleaning products, my health vastly improved. Veterinarians deal with sick animals who are exposed to these kinds of products. When you eliminate the chemical products, your pets' health will vastly improve as well as your own.

Many natural cosmetic alternatives are available. Ayurvedic soaps, coconut oil and essential oils are available in Indian and Caribbean groceries, natural food stores, food coops and even regular grocery stores. Essential oils can be used suspended in water as a carrier then put into a spray bottle. Spray into the air as necessary in bathrooms as a natural air freshener. You can also put essential oils on a small bottle along with water or a vegetable or nut oil as a carrier oil to use as an alternative to perfume.

Natural make up, shampoo and conditions are available through: Intelligent Nutrients, Aveda, Juut, Botanic Choice,, Nutrition City, Nature's Gate, GNC, Dr. Bronner's, Kiss My Face,, Valley Naturals and many other companies. You can find them on the internet or shop for them in natural food stores, food coops and other related stores. Just goggle a natural product name and you can find many alternatives.

Many of the well known actresses of Hollywood and Bollywood use natural cosmetics. They are better for your health and better for your skin. By taking care of your health, you will obtain real natural beauty. Beauty is an inner job first. Many of the well known actresses have that natural beauty within besides the outward beauty. Having a spiritual practice is part of being a whole human being. Taking care of Mother Earth and your health is very spiritual. Your body is a temple. Hinduism promotes this idea as well as all the other spiritual traditions. You will be also helping other women and men get well when you use natural, Ayurvedic products.

This is a great story. Horst started Aveda in Minneapolis because his mother got sick from the chemical salon products he used in his salons. He went to India and learned about Ayurvedic practices. From that experience he hired a Ayurvedic chemist who developed Aveda and then Intelligent Nutrients. He had the vision and courage to change the world. By simply using natural products you can do the same. May you have the courage to live the Ayurvedic way!




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