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Updated on March 19, 2014

Adam and Eve

From the Beginning

From the beginning God saw a need for man to have a helpmeet. I don't know if Adam was emotionally feeling the lack of companionship because if you don't know a thing before it is created how can you miss it. God saw the need of social companionship and necessity of multiplying the earth and therefore created Eve. She had her tasks to fulfil as well as Adam. Maybe too much time on their hands got them both into trouble but she had her role to play in the fresh new Earth. Beginning the tasks of being Adam's wife surely had to be a challenge.As written in the Bible in the book of Genesis, Eve became Adam's helpmeet working alongside her husband ( Genesis 2:20 ). The encouraging thing is that God saw the need for social companionship and that to thrive in the world, though new, was dependent upon two human beings becoming linked to one another in emotion and need and flesh. Adam proclaimed himself that Eve had become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh ( Genesis 2:23 ).

Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and therefore had pain in bringing forth her children and suffered for the choices that she had made. I would imagine mistakes are viewed by God as a learning tool for teaching us rules of obedience and utilizing consequences for those mistakes should only serve to make us better humans. I'm not speaking from Adam's point of view but from a woman's perspective. Adam will have to speak for himself. Waking to another day with it's tasks require self-confidence and the ability to say to ourself " I have this day in my hand and I need to go forward and not backward ". Eve labored as a wife and mother and therefore established woman's role on this earth. " Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning "(Psalm 30:5) could have described her thoughts as she toiled for her husband and, in her due season, gave birth to his children. The labor is almost an unbearable pain to some but when it is finished a child is born of that pain. Love so unimaginable can be derived from motherhood that the labeling role superseeds the memory of the pain in bringing them into this world. Thus the role of woman became mother of the Earth.

Changing Times

As time went on women's role was still to be man's helper and solace in life. She took on a second rate view from society being bashed as weak or lower than man. Maybe she had more sense than first thought. Many women had wisdom to cook and clean and to please her husband all in the same scope of time. Wisdom is in her make-up to know the how-to's of daily living working out problems and figuring out better ways to do things can come natural to her. Women of the prairie had many hardships to go through to servive and learning to incorporate experience with knowledge can make any task a little easier. Traveling through freezing temperatures, rough terrains, and Indian attacks in order to remain a steady companion to her husband was second nature to her though many did not servive such conditions. Faith had to be a catalyst for continuing on this path to possible death or the capture by one of the many Indian tribes; which, with some tribes, could have also lead to death. Her goal was her husband and to please him. A wonan's exibiting strength during times of hardship and struggles may have lead to a better vantage by man in altering his oppinion of her being such a weak vessel in body and mind.

With the nineteenth century came the woman's suffrage era and the battle for her right to vote and souly possess a property or business on her own. Susan B. Anthony, and others as well, lead the way to the promised freedoms of our American cultures. Hope sprang further along for female genders making life brighter and less of a status biased oppinion by man.

Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony

Better Times

With the promise of jobs working for our country in it's service during the second world war there opened an opportunity for women to advance in the workforce. The women's corps known as the Wac ( Women's Army Corps) came into being bringing the much needed status change for us all. It showed the readiness and eagerness that women posessed to do their part on their level of expertise. Being a solace and an encouraging pressence to a soldier may not be viewed as glamorous in this day and age but then it was viewed in such a way.From that time on jobs developed to retain her service in a much larger scale bringing them to a higher officer status in the corps.

Man saw woman's abilities were on a higher level than first thought when time began with Adam and Eve. She still had her role of wife and mother but the role of an independent woman did not exclude the latter. God still wants us to be obedient to Him first and then apply principles to making decisions for our daily living. With the changing times came more roles needed to be filled and even developed a whole new industry of jobs which was much anticipated by women in applying their niche in life to their prospective future. Hope for a better day sprang alive in the hearts of the female gender.

A New Day

Today, thank God, women have endless opportunities to choose from. Educations in so many fields too many to mention here. The saying " You've come a long way baby " was applied in the sixties and seventies exibiting women's movements of that era and stamping into the futures of women everywhere and showing the world that anything is possible if we apply ourselves and hope for the future and always having the best interest for our hearts and souls in the final decision making. From the beginning God had a plan but he did not say a limited version of that plan. Applying tallent and skill and interests are a must to the fulfillment of a dream life.


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