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Updated on July 17, 2011

Stippo was known along the West African coast as a notorious armed robber.He has lost count of the people he killed.His ruthless gang use sophisticated weapons the average African policeman has never seen before.They rob banks and industries and also operate on the highway.They have the most beautiful woman as companions.Then gradually the life of the vagabond began to unsettle him.The sudden death of three of his trusted friends made him to ask questions about life after death.He went to Church hoping to change his life.But the pastor who preached said everybody who is in a class like him will go to hell.They will face the wrath of God.On hearing this stippo concluded that he can never receive forgiveness of sin.He threw caution to the wind.He started killing without mercy,robbing with impurity and drinking like he never did before.

One day,stippo and his gang traced a wealthy man to his Church.They had to wait for the closing.During the sermon,the preacher preached about the wonderful story of love.He spoke about the story of Jesus coming to die for the worst of sinners,and his invitation to the burdened and this was followed by the altar call.Stippo,head bowed,slowly moved to the altar with tears on his face.He has finally met a Christ that was ready to wash away his blood stained soul.He was ready to live the better life for Christ.Today,stippo is no longer stippo but Steven,an evangelist,winning souls for Christ.What a wonderful story of love.


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