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Updated on October 28, 2012



Elderfuthark Rune WUNJO


Alternative Names

Wyn, Winja, Wynn.

Key Phrase

‘To have happiness

You must be at peace with yourself’.


Joy, happiness, perfection, light,success, contentment, rewards.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning

Joy. The absence of sorrow and suffering.



Tarot Card Equivalent

The Star - 17 - XVII

Divinatory Meaning

To motivate or complete a task; for success in any endeavour.

Corresponding Letter


Associated Colour


Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Baldr, Asgard. Sacred to Odin who knows the direction.

Manifestation Uses

To ensure victory or success.

Relationship Interpretation

Mutual Enjoyment. Situation and opportunities to enjoy one another’s company wholeheartedly.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Good for use with energy healing and regeneration. Use to lift the spirits in general.


Wunjo helps to motivate and to bring unfinished tasks to successful conclusion.

Wunjo Drawn Upright


Success, recognition of achievements, rewards, joy, bliss, pleasure, ecstasy, the ability to stay in harmony with the flow of life, those who live without sorrow, prosperity, contentment, a happy balance, fulfilled wishes, fellowship, shared well-being, the ‘better’ life, happiness achievement of goals, recognition of worth, contentment, perfection, delight, hope, glory, prosperity and good fellowship, peacefulness, comfort, prosperity, spiritual reward, a point of balance, light.

WUNJO is ‘wisdom learned’.

Wunjo is the eighth and final rune of the first aett. It therefore represents both the end of one cycle and preparation for the next.

The oldest translated meaning for Wunjo is ‘perfection’. There is a term in Anglo-Saxon, ‘wuldortanas’, which means ‘glory twigs’. Many rune scholars and historians have associated them with the Wunjo rune. The Anglo-Saxon word is ‘wynn', which in modern English is the word ‘winning’. ‘Wynn’ meant ‘peaceful’ in the Anglo-Saxon definition.

Traditionally, Wunjo represents ‘joy’. ‘Joy’, in the case of Wunjo, is finding a point of balance, a sense of fulfillment and transformation. It is to remain in harmony with the flow of events. Wunjo also shows you that happiness is yours if you are willing to work for it and that you are to look for solutions, rather than dwelling on problems.

Wunjo brings comfort, joy and pleasure in its wake, along with the promise of prosperity, good fellowship and harmony.

Drawing Wunjo in a reading shows that this may be a time to reflect on the path you have already tread, contemplate where you stand today, then make choices and preparations for the future. Wunjo allows us a welcome respite to rest, re-charge and rejuvenate to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.

Drawing this rune may give a glimpse of what is possible in the future.

When drawing Wunjo one must remember that you cannot know joy or winning, without knowing sorrow or loss. To understand the value of good things, your experience must be as great in both directions.

The Wunjo rune indicates the striving towards perfection. When it is drawn it often indicates a joy or happiness for the enquirer.

Often this comes with a sense of fitting in with the Universe. It also often comes after a time of darkness or indecision, when things become clear or come to pass. This is the gift of wisdom gained through experience. Wisdom is what you ‘win’. Using this wisdom to benefit yourself and others is the gift.

Wunjo shows which direction the wind is blowing. It also shows you the potential for enjoyment in upcoming situations and events. The Wunjo rune could also be showing you your potential for advancement or accomplishment, or an achievement of sorts. It is a time to reap the rewards for past efforts, and put them to good use for the future.

Wunjo tells us that for happiness to last it needs to be founded upon truth and honesty. Hide from the truth and you shall never see true happiness. There is a new clarity which may call for you to rethink or renounce existing plans, ambitions and goals.

Wunjo gives you the opportunity to do so, safely, as it is the rune of restoration. Wunjo is also showing you that the time is right to take on new concepts, ideas and possibly even lifestyle, and/or career.

Wunjo Drawn Reversed


Sorrow, melancholy, strife, alienation, delirium, intoxication, impractical enthusiasm, frenzy, insanity, anger and rage, manipulation.

When the Wunjo rune is drawn reversed, it is telling you to not allow issues and problems from the past, deter or stop you from moving forward. It may indicate a period when you feel negative, sorrowful or depressed. A crisis or difficulty is at hand. The choice is yours whether to allow this to deplete you, or to rejuvenate you.

The Wunjo rune drawn reversed is also an indication that there may be others around you who will manipulate or bully you into situations that you would not normally allow yourself to slip in to. It is taking advantage of your melancholy to restrain you all the more.

Rather than twist with anger, rage or frustration, the message is to contemplate all angles, then follow what your inner wisdom directs.

Wunjo warns of sorrow and strife and of being alienated. It whispers of delays, of the dangers of drinking to excess and being ‘moody’ to the point of raging.

Wunjo comes with a cautionary warning not to take things to extremes. But if a little self-control is exercised, you will benefit from your true worth being recognized.


Sacred Scribes

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