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Having coffee with God...

Updated on March 21, 2015

How spending time with God can be like having coffee

Waiting wit...

A visitation from God. Somewhere there seems a suggestion that God can not be found. As if we go through dry spells without any word from our Creator. Where we hunger and thirst without any response. We lose ourselves in our pain, our worry, trapped by the day with a cracked ground dry from the death of water. We too die ourselves. An inward death, a slow agonizing one. Others seem to find God. Not us. We are lost to feed the God shape hole with television, radio, internet... As if we new what our soul needed. As if we wrote our own page for how this soul of ours was to be managed. We need God. We really need God. We really need Him.

Writing our own stories

We call out for purpose. We ask the meaning of life. We sore our mind with the confusions of the time. We wonder. We wander. We are left to others interpretations. We find revelations, epiphanies, great quotes... We lose ourselves in thoughts of the day, finding Facebook posts to like. We saturate our ways in the culture of today. We drip with excess of what earthly manna could try to fulfill us. Manna we pick up the next day. Life lived loud. There is always another day. Eat, drink, be merry. We rejoice in marriage. We throw the bouquet. We tip our cups to the lost loved ones. Dropping a rose on a casket and reminiscing on time. We sit in traffic bored senseless. Consume endless episodes on Netflix. We write our own stories with other's pens.

Where Ecclesiastes stands...

I don't have the answer. But I do have a small principle from the Bible. Read Ecclesiastes. See the pursuit of man to find out about life. See how a preacher, who was a king, who was the richest man at the time. See how this man, a son of a king famous for his walk with God, searched life up and down. His conclusions lead him to the final chapter of one of the most practical books of the Old Testament. He drank of wisdom. He drank folly. He lived. He drank life's deepest pursuits. He found interest in the seasons of life. He then drank some more. He searched about justice, injustice. He was wise and yet drew to intellect ever more. This man was named Solomon. Son of David. Son of Jesse. Read the final chapter, the last few verses for what Solomon found.

Ecclesiastes 12:13,14

13 Now all has been heard;
here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
for this is the duty of all mankind.
14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
including every hidden thing,
whether it is good or evil.

Doing art can bring intimacy with God.

All I really know...

Have a cup. Drink with God! Just sit down and just let time just unravel. The moment will still like time with a lover. And try not to talk so much. No one likes a jabber jaw all the time! If you have a question which demands the wisdom of Einstein, ask! We wait our whole lives to be old, when we get old, we wish for youth. Is God young? He created time. Why did He do that? And why is the ocean the most powerful sedative to worry? To pain? Did God make the sea of forgetfulness before the oceans below on earth? And pain. Why pain? If pain was not in Heaven, why here? I don't have the answer to the meaning of life. I just know I enjoy a cup of coffee with an old Friend. He talked this earth into be. He did it in a hurry it seems... 6 days. And yet, psalms 139 draws on our heart to be a love letter from His creation to Him about His love for us! Another sip. A moment passes and we drift.

The principles of a good cup of coffee

And Heaven? The chest of the secrets of the universe? Why wait? Have another cup. Sit down and alongside the poets of old. Wrestle a bit as we watch these final few sunsets. Time is not short. No, it's nonexistent. This vapor of a moment should be treasured. A fine wine swirled in a glass. We think enough of our shortcomings. Our soul has enough scratches, and scores. Some that might not ever be scraped off. Take another sip. Smile. Somehow you get it. With your hands up you take a sip. As the music screams and you only hear God, you are enjoying a sip. Sit for a spell on your lunch break.

A bucket list for great coffee drinkers:

1. Listen to other coffee drinkers.

2. Have another cup

3. Journal as you sip

4. Return to the last conversation you had and do what you said you would do

5. Let Him be quiet

6. As you be quiet

7. Ask Him a question that you know He might not normally ask.

8. Contemplate meeting the Maker of coffee

9. When you've had a second cup, pour one more...

10. And then...


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