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Walk with God in a Daily approach

Updated on November 24, 2014

Bible devotion

This is the picture of a Holy bible for daily devotions
This is the picture of a Holy bible for daily devotions | Source

Walk with God

My article will offer a daily devotion that engage in the mind and the heart. Readers and viewers will find more than spiritual nourishment in its content of this respective website, they will find some lessons to know more about God and the great doctrines of the Bible that will start from Old to New Testament.

By reading my article, readers and viewers will grow in understanding of God and learn to apply the truth of his word day by day and it is proven that everybody can walk with God in a daily approach from morning till night, 24 hours a day; 7 days in a week; 365 days in a year.

God is not going to let me down when any difficulty or temptation faces me.


New international Version (NIV) Bible. Zondervan Publishing, 1984.

Saved in Eternity, pp.63-64

This can be applied in an annual daily devotion approach.

Walking with God as a fellowship

The one thing that matters is that you are right with God. That being so, do not sin because sin breaks the fellowship.

Based on my findings and research that I have gathered, sin is utterly inconsistent with our professed hatred of sin and with our professed desire to be delivered from it.

Christians are people who realize and they will discover that sin is the central problem in life, and therefore say that they want to be delivered and emancipated from it.

We must have our fellowship with God because when we walk with God, it will pass through the children of God. The though to ponder is one thing that matters is fellowship with God.

It is a mighty battle

We see that our Lord did not come into the world only to teach. He did do that, and he gave incomparable teaching. Readers and viewers must realize what he came primarily to do.

We see that sin is unrighteous, that is transgression of the law, and that sin means we are violating God's holy purpose with respect to us.

Our Lord came into this world to wage a great fight; he entered into a mighty battle. The way in which he was victorious in this fight is celebrated especially on Easter Day.

This is the day that people reminds us that as a fact that it is already approached to God's victory. It is not a day that readers reminds us of certain principles in life.

They often hear hear people thank God for this whole "principle of resurrection", how the flowers begin to appear, has nothing to do with this blessed message of the resurrection. Everybody is concerned about the fact that it is not a principle of nature, and the fact is that in the resurrection our Lord ultimately established his conquest over the devil.

Readers and viewers must take note that Our Lord came into this world to wage a great fight.

It is already proven that walk with God is a mighty battle.


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    • Steve Ho Ong profile image

      Steve Ho Ong 3 years ago from Dumaguete City

      This is my light article in Hub pages and they can send many comments to the public. I open this to the public.