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Port Gamble - Walker Ames House Paranormal Activity?

Updated on January 27, 2013
Walker Ames House built in 1888
Walker Ames House built in 1888

Port Gamble is a small old mill town located in Kitsap County Washington. History abounds in this area located on the banks of the Puget Sound. One of the most famous places in this small scenic mill town is the Walker Ames House. When looking at the house from the outside you cannot help wanting to know the history that surrounds the home and what secrets it continues to hold.

This house draws paranormal investigators from around the country. A large part of this is due to the fact that so many people, not only those that do the paranormal investigations but others have experienced paranormal phenomenon. There is no doubt that beauty and mystery abounds in this house. It was an exceptional home when it was first built for the lumber mill manager in 1888. Beautiful fireplaces, wonderful stained glass windows and interesting construction design of the era will keep you coming back to visit. When touring the home is allowed you get that feeling that it has a personality of its own and is a wonderful experience.

Port Gamble continues to be a company owned town as it always has been and this means that they are the ones that continues to supply information on the history. As with any small mill town there were many injuries from the mill and death of residents in this town over the years. One of the first things most people tour is the cemetery which is also said to have paranormal activity. My first visit I noticed when I visited the cemetery was the number of children that are buried there. This is not unusual for places such as mill towns during the years in itself but one has to wonder what was happening during the years the children died.

Of the multiple reports of paranormal activity children seems to be the focus when reports are given. The cemetery and the Walker Ames house are hot spots for reports of ghost children being present. These reports talk about the ghost children being mischievous with people that are visiting and experiencing such things as light coming on in the attic, equipment being moved and played with as well as sensing their presence. In the cemetery reports of seeing shadows, feeling as though they have been touched and voices have been reported.

The Walker Ames house has had reports that a mischievous presence is in the basement. During paranormal investigations by local groups reports of this presence touching them have been reported. I experienced my hair being pulled on one such investigation. I found out later that others have also had their hair pulled. Odor changes, cold spots, feeling of being touch and the latest report of the presence answering yes in a loud whispering type voice when ask a question by investigator several times. These have been noted for month of January 2013 with more than one person hearing the voice. One person reported hearing screaming while in the house alone.

The Walker Ames house is the most famous in Kitsap County Washington for haunting but it is only one of several in this wonderful small town. The town is not open to people just coming in to investigate but permission is required. Permission can be requested from the manager as it continues to be the home of multiple people as well as having several businesses. Talk with some of the business owners in the small town of Port Gamble and you will hear their own haunting stories.


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