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Walking a Labyrinth Is How You Walk Your Life

Updated on June 12, 2012

The Labyrinth

In the last few years, I have come to love labyrinths. In fact, my wife and I love walking the herbal labyrinth at the Glen Ivy Center in Corona, California! At this center, they hold a monthly labyrinth walk during the new moon. According to Joyce Ellenbecker, the creator and caretaker of this gorgeous and invigorating labyrinth, says the new moon is a time to begin new projects.

It is quite similar to planting seeds.

Joyce recommends not starting projects when the moon’s cycle is full. She states that the energies are more chaotic during this time. I am sure that we have all heard many stories about crazy things happening during full moons.

Joyce importantly points out: Walking a labyrinth is a reflection of how we walk our life.

Are we in a hurry? Do we take our time? Do we get lost? Not sure which step we should take. I have seen some people getting lost in the labyrinth. However, Joyce informs us that that is okay, because you can walk the labyrinth as many times as you want. The labyrinth is a way for you to reconnect with your Self. It is also about trusting your Self.

We are also told by Joyce that walking a labyrinth helps to balance both sides of the brain. This is very important, for our society often puts emphasis on the left side of the brain. We must be logical and scientific. There is nothing wrong with being these two things. However, we must not neglect the creative and intuitive right side of our brain. With this said, it would make sense to utilize both hemispheres of the brain.

Walking with an Intension

Joyce points out that before you walk the labyrinth it is recommended that you have an intension.

Do you have questions in your life that you want answers for? Or perhaps you want clarity, or peace of mind. There is no right and wrong to this, but I recommend that your intensions be positive. Honor the law of attraction. You may want to simply walk the labyrinth and connect with nature. This is something that I really enjoy doing! I love the beautiful aromas of the herbs in the labyrinth. I feel so alive and peaceful walking the labyrinth. Your intension may also be a simple “thank you.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to walk this beautiful labyrinth. Thank you for the experience of sharing this wonderful labyrinth with other beautiful souls.”

Many Benefits of Walking a Labyrinth

The last time I was at the Glen Ivy Center Joyce shared a wonderful video about labyrinths. The video showed that a growing number of institutions are starting to incorporate labyrinths into their facilities. Some of these places include hospitals, schools, and businesses. Joyce explains that labyrinths are great at hospitals for calming patients before surgery. They are also beneficial to the patient’s family or friends to ease anxiety or stress. It is also great for schools and businesses because of the balancing of both sides of the brain. Labyrinths also benefit these institutions due to the labyrinths calming effects. We know how harmful stress is on the body. Labyrinths are wonderful for bringing calmness and peace of mind.

I would say that a labyrinth is walking meditation.

There are many studies that show that meditation is very beneficial for the mind and body. I would also add that it is good for the soul. Walking a labyrinth also clears the mind. My wife was feeling very stressed and worried, but after walking the labyrinth, she felt calm and secure. I also noticed that she is more connected to the people at The Glen Ivy Center after the walk.

I believe that walking a labyrinth is truly beneficial to the person and planet. Of course, the proof is in the walking. Now, with this being said:

How do you wish to walk your path?


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