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Walking with God on Torii Beach in Okinawa, Japan : Blast to the Past to Present.

Updated on June 19, 2013

I remembered one day in Okinawa, I was walking down shore on Torii Beach, I felt this cool windy breeze hit my face and smelled the awesome fresh air. Reminds me of a verse on Psalms 23 where it says, He leads me by the still waters..

As I look at the water, I can see my own reflection and see the clouds roaming above me as if the angels were flying above me, smiling down on me. Such beauty made me want to shout "Hallelujah!". God was letting me know that His purpose for me is to Spread the Living Gospel of Jesus Christ. I may not have a building to preach in but I sure thank God I have facebook to preach through. It's amazing that God will find us a way to proclaim the Gospel to the world through internet and outside of the internet world.

I still have a desire from the Lord to open a church that is full of Christ's beauty and Grace. We need a church that would share unconditional love and forgiveness for each other. Whatever is impossible to men is possible to God. All I need to do is Trust in Him.

Nothing can stop me from preaching the Word of God. God is my lifeline. Christ is my wisdom, greater than Solomon himself. He's my life, my love, my only Lord and King of Kings.

Even though I have went to many churches in my area and associations, they wouldn't help me as i am not equal to a hearing pastor. What gets me is that hearing pastors will get help and do the same thing as deaf pastor does. Only difference is I can sign and communicate, but hearing pastors can't sign. So why can't they help someone like me to build a church for the deaf? So far, I have seen churches for the deaf closed down because the pastors are burnt out, lack financial resources, and no supports.

As frustrated as I may be, I have came to realized that God is still on my side. Facebook have given me the opportunities to reach people beyond my wildest dream. I was able to reconnect with my old friend from Okinawa, Philippians, Germany, Korea, Singapore, and USA. God bless the world.

What changed me the most was that I became a father to my first baby girl, Jazzy (nickname). As I look at her, it reminded me how much God loves me and that he wants me to be trust Him as my daughter trusts me. I am proudly a pastor / minister for the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing worlds. I want to share the Love of God to all of you and let you know that God does loves you very much. So when you are down and feeling unworthy, look up, God is smiling down at you and letting you know that you got angels with you.

One thing that Jazzy taught me is learning how to have patience with God, by showing me how patient she can be with me. She have taught me a whole new level of Love, Patience, and Joy.

Thank you Father, for all my daughters. Thank you for a loving wife who puts up with me. I pray that you will bless others with health, wisdom and peace in their lives. In Jesus' name, Amen.


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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      How lovely! Keep trying and praying about it and if it is in God's will for you, you will surely get that church. My late husband was a hearing person, but for some years was a teacher at a school for deaf children and went with the boarders to church each Sunday to interpret for them. I just loved watching the rhythmic signing during the hymns, especially. God bless you and your family.