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Soul Sounds: Language beyond Words

Updated on September 25, 2012
Blue Jay
Blue Jay | Source

“… And all these things shall be added unto you. Alleluia.”

In previous hubs, we have observed the difficulty of representing experiences with presence or Being or the sacred through the use of language. This is because language consists of words that have emotional connotations to the readers obtained from past experiences. In addition, despite or attempt at using each word by the dictionary definition, words still come with a subjective context associated with the individuals mindset, springing from one’s individual ego as well as from the collective (i.e., mankind’s) ego.

Seek and You Shall Find

Although the ideas come from a Christian perspective, there are equivalents in other spiritual traditions. It is not as a preference for the Christian perspective that several hub ideas are presented like so. It is simply because of my having experienced this said perspective. There are other profound ways of experiencing truth. Taoist principles can be very subtle but deeply moving.

Most Christians know the significance of “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7) This recent experience of longing to communicate the boundless that is beyond language and the confines words and the ego-based mind must have been a sincere, heartfelt yelp reaching the heavens, the souls throughout the entire universe. Most likely it was heard as a prayer beyond thoughts or words, as I sat in one of my silent sitting meditations.

The search is over. I have found a language that is beyond words---soul language.

Finding and Being Still

In my profile, I have mentioned about the synchronicity surrounding my “chancing upon” an Abraham book. How did I get to know about soul language this time?

There really wasn’t any earth-shaking event except my “finding myself” early enough on my way to work one day. I must have been about 30 minutes earlier. So then I decided to drop by the mall and check out the bookstore. There were so many interesting titles to choose from. Really, the story about how to let your soul choose the best book for you deserves an entire hub to itself.

So there I was “somehow” deciding to buy a certain book about the soul. It was a bit pricey for me. So I thought, a discount perhaps? Who knows? I went over to the cashier and asked if I could get a discount, stated in a most gentle-mannered tone, “Is there a discount on this book?”

The counter person ran a scan on the bar code and we found out it will only cost me 35.82% of the shelf price. I couldn’t believe my ears. And even more delighting, I did not have to “spend” for it in the usual way I pay cash. I could pay with my debit card.

A lot of times the things that we need are being offered right in front of us. It’s just that our minds are too busy to listen to our heart, to our soul. Most of the time, we’re just too busy, trapped in thinking. We fail to notice our actual surroundings. Failing to be still and to listen, we thus miss out on the opportunity to see that what we truly need for the moment is already right in front of us. But then again, It may be just me.

Before I forget, the title of the book is “Soul Wisdom: Practical Soul Treasures to Transform Your Life” (SW). And this hub is, like previous hubs, another chapter in a journey of discovering life lessons and sharing the adventure experienced while applying the said lesson in ordinary everyday life.

Peace, At Last

The wonderful thing that we discover in one’s experience when using soul language is that all souls in the universe, including those that seem to be of opposing polarities, have only one commitment. All souls are committed to “unconditional universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and light,” according to the book author, Dr. Sha.

We are all in one team. Beyond the perspective of the ego-based mind, this and many other delicious insights can be gained. There is also the potential of being able to communicate and truly understand each other through a universal language, which is soul language.

Although we have mentioned other practices in previous hubs, it may be worth considering using soul language to get beyond the confines of the ego, gain self-knowledge and a clarity on how “all the pieces fit nicely into the pattern or God’s master plan.”

Peace at Last. One other significant benefit of using soul language is that it brings a more conscious awareness of our connection to the Divine. We intuit into the relationships of things and why situations are happening as they are. We see the impossible become possible as the Divine seeks to fulfill our needs. And we understand deep in our hearts how truly loved we are.


Knowledge is useless unless it enriches our actual life experience. Several chapters of the book introduce the idea of soul treasures including soul language, and their significant benefits. These chapters are vital to getting “in flow” with the author’s concepts and may be necessary to gain a familiarity with what is to be expected in the experience of soul language before attempting to go into the actual experience.

For people with the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit, this experience may not be something new. The author himself seems to imply that the Holy Spirit is the soul behind soul language. Incidentally, in the book, it is usually printed as “Soul Language”, in proper case.

After reading the benefits and understanding what to expect, one is introduced to chanting the secret code, derived from the Chinese language:

San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Wu

which sounds like:

sahn sahn joe lew bah yow woo

This sound is chanted faster and faster until the phonetics become no longer recognizable.

“If you spend eight minutes of practicing seriously, most of you will bring it (one’s own soul language) out,” according to Dr. Sha.

Wally Wooh and Winnie the Pooh

The first time I read the section on bringing out my soul language, I just really read it without repeatedly chanting the phrase “sahn sahn joe …”. During that occasion, I was so pressed for time I couldn’t even give a few minutes to planting my feet squarely on the floor as I sat, as the book instructed. I doubted whether it could actually work for me.

Sitting on the train with nothing to do was how the next opportunity presented itself to me. I tried to recall the chant. Very awkwardly at first, “How does that go?” Not too long, I was able to recall it and started to chant quietly. And faster and faster.

I somehow fell asleep and woke up to a different set of phonetics. I had activated my soul language, which sounds like:

Wally Wooh. Ee yoo ...

wee yoo

And its variation:

"Holy Wally ...

Wally Wooh"

I would like so much to write about maybe relating my previous experiences with the sacred, the soul, but that would take up the length needed for another hub. Let me nonetheless take the opportunity to use this hub to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the insights and experiences that have been previously bestowed.

To begin writing this article, I thought, should I relate Wally Wooh with Winnie the Pooh? A “Wally the Wooh”? I changed my mind about that noting the difference: a “the” in Winnie the Pooh. “The” denotes separateness, a certain kind of exclusivity that is absent from Wally Wooh. Wally Wooh is everyone and in everyone, an affection for all things.

The exciting similarity between Winnie the Pooh and Wally Wooh though is that everything they need happens effortlessly for them.

Because in reality, and this all great masters know, all things on earth and in all universes, are ordered according to the power of the soul.


“Transform the soul first; then transformation of the mind and the body will follow.” –SW

“Seek ye first the kingdom of the Lord and His righteousness.

And all these things shall be added unto you.

… Wah-le-eh-woo-wah-le-woo-ia!”

" ... This is the sound of my soul ..."


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