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Want to be Happy and Enjoy Life? - Here's Some Simple Keys

Updated on October 14, 2012

True happiness and the ability to enjoy life is not dependent on the circumstances around you, but actually comes from within you. It is the gift of God (Eccl).

Being happy and living life as a celebration is a benefit of embracing life, that is, choosing to engage in life, and live totally alive each day.

Some God Thoughts on Your Happiness

Father God is concerned about your happiness. His desire is that you enjoy and celebrate your life - not endure it.

1 Tim. 6:17 says, ' ... For God richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.'

The Bible tells us over and over again, that if we know and love God, we are 'blessed' - happy, favoured and to be envied.

Ps. 84:4,5,12 says, '... blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) are those who dwell in Your house and Your presence ... Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man whose strength is in You ... blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts in you, leaning and believing in You ...'

Some Benefits of Happiness

1. A happy heart makes the face cheerful ...but heartache cruses the spirit. (Prov. 15:13)

2. A happy heart has a continual feast (regardless of circumstances). (Prov. 15:15)

3. A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing. (Prov. 17:22)

Some Simple Keys to Being Happy and Enjoying Life

1. Savour the Moment. Learn to be 'present' and alive each moment. Treasure the smile of your child in the morning; the satisfaction of helping a friend; the pleasure of curling up with a good book; the amazing vastness of the starry sky at night.

2. Take control of your time - no one else can do it for you. Too many people live busy, weary lives, often because they fill up every spare amount of time with the tedious 'stuff of life'. Why not leave some 'margins' in your life for spontaneity, surprises and for God to step in and take you on a detour just to bless you and so you can hang out with Him for a while.

3. Lean toward the 'positive' slant in life. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that negative attitudes and emotions rob you of enjoying even the wonderful things in life. Children have a way of seeing adventure and joy in the good and the challenging aspects of life. Several years ago our home was threatened by a bushfire on Christmas Day. While we made the necessary preparations in the event of evacuation, my young nieces and nephews were playing away oblivious to the threat of the approaching fire. Then helicopters began circling overhead, fire trucks rolled into our street and media vehicles arrived and set up ready to broadcast live. As we watched on, waiting to see what would unfold, one of my nephews exclaimed, 'I love coming here, it's always so exciting!'

A key to leaning in towards the positive is to daily allow the wonderful promises in God's Word to wash over your mind and emotions, and in time your thinking will change to see things the way God does, in a positive way.

Phil. 4:4-7 says, 'Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! ... The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, bring your requests to God and His peace, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind.'

4. Make close relationships a top priority in your life. People with close friends, spouses, partners and family cope much better with the stresses that come in life and usually have a greater capacity to enjoy life. It's often not so much about where you are or what you are doing, but who you are doing life with that produces the joy in life.

5. 'Act' happy. Research shows that people who 'put on a happy face' really do feel better. As the old saying goes, 'to be happy, act happy'.

6. Keep moving. It's not a wise idea to engage in self-absorbed idleness or to 'park' yourself somewhere in life. Keep moving. Dive into life and stay involved. The 'old' is safe, known, familiar, secure and requires little effort - while the 'new' is unknown, may be insecure, risky, unsure, unchartered waters and may require effort, stretching and growth - but it can also be exciting and part of what makes life an adventure. Every new day is filled with the possibility of miracles ... waiting. God is into new. He speaks of a new song; new way; new things; new wine; new name; new heart; new spirit; new beginning; and a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17).

7. Keep building your relationship with Jesus. He is life. John 10:10 says, '... I (Jesus) have come so that you may have life - life that is full, vital, abundant, vibrant and alive.' Faith in God can't ensure that you will be immune to sadness and challenges, but faith in God will always help you to overcome and will strengthen your ability to enjoy life and to have lots to be happy about.

Hope this was helpful.


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