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Leave America when You See this Sign: Japan Folds to China

Updated on November 28, 2014

This prophecy of war is already part confirmed.

The following video is a prophetic dream. There are four events foretold in the dream: first, reporters at border where Koreans cross; second, scandalous article against mentor reporter; Third, missile attack against Japan; Fourth, Japan folds to China. The first and second parts have already happened.

The event with reporters is at the border of Korea and China is, I believe, the capture of Euna Lee and Laura Ling while the mentor, Mitch Koss, escapes. Note that Koss matches the format of the mentor name, which I recalled only in the sense that it was a short name and ended in a double consonant.

Notice that the dream included the name of the "mentor" to the young female reporter. I state in this video that the mentor has a short name with a double consonant. I remembered that much, at least. In a book written by Koss, he specifically mentions Lisa Ling as being his protégé. Koss' book is titled "Power Mentoring."

War! Korea, China, Japan: Time to Leave America

A Missile Attack on Japan is the Warning to Leave America

Message in dreams:
a. Young reporter goes to China border. There is a station for reporters at border. She works there. Crossing is forbidden, but somehow, information is coming through.

b. There is a war, civil war, or cross-border conflict with Korea... something is happening, it is war inside China.

c. The young lady reporter gets a good scoop. She publishes an article which gets noticeable attention. I see a newspaper. Beneath a photo are five little insets of photos, quotes, or photos and names... something like that. Each of these insets identifies another reporter. One of these listed journalists is an older male journalist named sla Gaffe. I see there are two f's in his name, two f's together, like ff.

d. This Gaffe had mentored the young lady and so now phones her. He is professional and expresses disappointment and lectures her about courtesy and the expectations of professional relationship. This young lady just yaps, she is listening to herself giving justification, thinking to herself how good she sounds, really.

A President is Assassinated
e. Somewhere in this series of dreams, I see Bush holding his shoulder. Then, quickly, I see him in the hospital. He survives the shooting, he at least does not die immediately. (Note: Bush can be representative; this could be about some other American leader. However, this could also be literal Bush-in-retirement taking a round.)

China and Japan Butt Heads
f. (I think the fighting in Asia stops. Then: ) China comes against Japan. I see a flurry of activity on the western shore of Japan. Japan is shaped like a banana, with the convex side toward China. On this hump, in the central part of this Japanese shore, I see a white light become bright quickly. I don't know if this is a landing, a missile attack, diplomatic activity, or what. I just see the light. Then I see the mind of Japan look at what is happening and it quits.

When to Leave America, Mystery Babylon the Great
g. Then, a voice says, "This is your warning, when Japan folds to China."

Note: Also, somewhere in the midst of all this- I am not sure when -the president of America is shot and rushed to the hospital.

The destruction of America has also been seen in visions by A. A. Allen- the famous evangelist of the 1950s, in whose services God healed many people; Henry Gruver of Joyful Sound Ministries who has served God over 50 years walking American cities and in international evangelism; and David Wilkerson, a well-known American pastor on the east coast with a prophetic component to his ministry.

Japan War: Clarification on Assassination Prophecy

Will George W. Bush be Assassinated-- or will Obama?

The previous video describes a sign of when to leave America, aka "Mystery Babylon the Great". What I did not mention from the dream is that somewhere in the midst of all the goings on related in the 1st video, I failed to mention an important detail: an assassination attempt on a U.S. president. I believed it was the current (2008) president, George W. Bush. However, what I saw could be representative of "the current president" -- the sitting president. OR It could literally and directly refer to George W. Bush. There are many prophecies about president Bush being assassinated. You can google for those. This is what I saw.
Remember, test everything, but when two or more witnesses come forward, consider what is being said.

Laura Ling will Expose Mitch Koss

This prophecy is being fulfilled day by day now. The reporters captured at the border of China and Korea, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, have been released.

Their return is necessary in order for the next part of the dream to be fulfilled. One of the ladies involved will publish a news story about the mentor, exposing him. This will be a political gaffe.

I believe I misinterpreted, or misapplied, the word gaffe. I thought it might be the name of the mentor, as the word gaffe has a double consonant near the end of the word. I remembered that the name of the mentor had this double consonant near the end, as does the name, "Koss".

The lady who publishes the article was a "rookie" under her mentor. Laura Ling started out with Mitch Koss when she was 16. Her older sister, Lisa Ling, had also worked under Koss. So, it could be either one of these ladies. However, I expect it will be Laura Ling who will print the article.

After the expose on Koss is published, we will expect the attack on Japan from the mainland. However the attack looks, it will be caused by China. Then, when "Japan folds to China", it is the sign for all true believers to leave America.

-Man from Modesto

Follow-up: November, 2010: Laura Ling did follow up in writing. She and her well known sister, Lisa Ling, published a book.

Euna Lee also published The World Is Bigger Now: A Memoir of Faith, Family and Freedom. It is available from Broadway Books.

I have not yet read either of these. If you do, let me know if there is anything exposing the entire event as a CIA operation, or anything against the mentor, Mitch Koss. I have suspected that this event was a staged event. Likely, the two women had no idea what would happen. However, they worked for Al Gore. The assignment was company assigned. The result was this: Bill Clinton went to meet with the leader of a boycotted nation. After reviewing the Amazon book summary page, I noted this important thing: Laura Ling's book is 322 pages long. This number is used by Freemasons, Jesuits, Skull & Bones, and other secret agenda promoters (who benefit from such) to identify their works. I have a massive compilation of these: 322

It is interesting to note that Eddie Jun Yongsu, a Christian missionary, also crossed the border into North Korea later in the year. He was also released. However, no former American president's visit was required. Instead, a prayer chain went up on the Internet for him. (Yes, I was also praying along with the other tens of thousands.)


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