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War, Satans Thrill

Updated on July 25, 2010

War, what is it good for

War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing.
But here we are, fighting, killing and being killed. But both sides are right, both sides are innocent and are the victims. one side is wrong while the other is right.
But how do we know who is good and who is evil? Is there even a good side and a bad side?
I have the answer, and the answer is that both sides are victims, both sides have been and are influenced by satan. The wars which are occurring now do not have to be. They are started by lies and manipulation by satan himself, and yes, satan is real and he is out to destroy lives and kill people. And he is successful and is truly accomplishing his goal.
Satan has successfully started the two modern wars, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war and now he is trying to start a war with North Korea and Iran by attempting to use the United states again as he has used the U.S. to start the two previously mentioned ones.
Wars in this era are completely useless and needless just as sanctions are. We ought to behave in a more civilized manner like we seem to think we are and think before we act.
All nations have the right to run their country in the manner which they deem fit.No other nation has the right to tell another how they should run their country and no one has the right to invade another for their resources, which is greed and comes from satan as well.So wars are what satan wants, he thrives on human destruction and misery.

One last note, when I pray, I pray for the Taliban, I pray for the members of AlQaida and I pray for our soldiers and allies. Some of you are probably in shock that I say this and furious with me, so be it. Why should we not pray for all these people? Like I said, they are not the enemy, but the enemy is satan, so if satan is the enemy then these brave warriors are innocent, so yes, I pray for their safety and salvation so they all will come to a full knowledge of Jesus Christ and so that they will accept Him as their personal Lord and Saviour, because He is the only way to eternal salvation.
What is war good for? Absolutely nothing is right!


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    • Daniel J. Neumann profile image

      Daniel J. Neumann 7 years ago from Harrisburg, Pa

      I like your style. There needs to be more pacifists.