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War and Peace – You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Updated on February 13, 2013

It appears as if war has always existed. Even throughout the universe, past-life researchers (going way back), including our own research and visions, report various forms of controversy, discord, and aggression.

Militarily, economically, psychically, or other ways, there is always risk of attack and nothing will change that. You can't just try to think only positive thoughts and "increase the light within all life everywhere," to "stop war," and conflict, as some advocate.

In the beginning of Earth's recorded history, disputes were usually over basic necessities like good water and soil and hunting rights, then over commodities like gold and silver, and also land. The most common topic of disagreement, then and now, is religion, and it's likely to continue.

Of course, peace is desirable, as is striving for peace. We agree that peace-marches and war protests have a place in this world, and unfortunately so does war. Why? Polarities, as ugly as they seem sometimes, are a part of this universe that you can't change: war and peace, love and hate, unconditional love and conditional love, light and dark, fear and faith, resentment and gratitude, cold and hot, wisdom and ignorance, defeat and victory, growth and decay, rich and poor, and birth and death, just to name some.

In personal relationships, varying amounts (some inherently include more than others) of friction is natural. Everyone has their own unique way to deal with it, but conflict avoidance, submissiveness, and refusing to address differences while projecting an "everything is always wonderful" façade is very emotionally unhealthy. Stuffing, instead of expressing, your energy can also create more conflict by attracting others into your life to act it out for you.

Expecting war to cease existing forever is like expecting to forever avoid arguments and strife in personal relationships: it's excessively idealistic and just too much to expect. Disagreements, fighting and war will always be part of the natural fabric of existence.

It would be nice if the U.S. could lead simply by setting a peaceful example and avoiding all military involvement, as some suggest. But would the many anti-American forces that have existed for decades follow suit, or would they take advantage of a passive U.S. stance? Since we have psychically perceived recognized and largely yet unknown, very well organized, anti-American forces continually striving to physically and economically harm the U.S. and its citizens, the abovementioned idea for peace would fail, in our opinion. The result would be the end of America and the freedom that many seem to take for granted; the U.S. can't afford to take such risks.

In our experience, those people most fervently outspoken against war often are the same ones who refuse to face their own inner conflict, or who have their own extraordinary interpersonal issues that they repress and project onto others. The peace you want on earth so badly starts within yourself. We've also noticed through our work that those who are vehemently against all military action and seem to make war a very personal and emotional issue are the same souls who, in past lives, were the opposite; they were violent, unreasonable, and the cause of much conflict. These former-trouble-makers-turned-peace-advocates are in the process of learning that it's best to take an unbiased, detached, and fair approach when dealing with others who have different views than their own, especially when they lack understanding of the other side.

Ultimately, there will always be some amount of strife, as utopia doesn't and will never exist in this dimension. The best you can do is to strive for peace, attempt to resolve all disputes diplomatically and compassionately, yet know that conflict and war are, at times, inevitable.

War is common, strife is customary, and all things happen because of strife and necessity--Heraclites

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Ironically, our freedoms as Americans that some take for granted were forged through war. War is hell! Trust me from someone that has been through it. It is really difficult for me to not put my full emotion out there on this topic; but I know that what I fought for lives on. You have the freedom to speak against war or anything. Freedom of Speech is just one of the freedoms that you have earned as an American. I disagree with you BobbiRant, but I will say war is an awful thing! Innocent blood is spilled day after day by both sides. But remember not just me; but those before me fought for your right to voice your opinions. Freedom is not free. If you disagree just go to Iraq and Afghanistan; and witness it yourself.

    • BobbiRant profile image


      8 years ago from New York

      Yes, I know we can disagree. I will start out next time with that because you are right, a good healthy discussion starts with that. You gave a gracious answer when it's hard to put emotions in a blog, I'm glad you didn't take me wrong. Like your blogs BTW.

    • BobbiRant profile image


      8 years ago from New York

      No, people try to use this age old 'war is common' theme to justify war, no, I say you always have those little tin gods trying to make war, not because it's common, but there will always be some bully trying to lead everyone else when in fact most humans lead each other to their own destruction. Just because humans are too dumb sometimes to not act like sheep doesn't mean it's a natural occurrence.


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