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Was It A Ghost

Updated on November 4, 2010

A Ghost or Not

A friend very sadly lost a relative a week ago. Although they were expecting the worst, the ladies sisters took it very badly, and it is still clear how much they miss her.

Yesterday one of the sisters insists that she saw her in her chair. She was even able to describe what she was wearing. She admitted that she had just woken up, but is clear in her own mind that she was awake, and that her sister had been watching over her.

There was a feeling of peace that came with that day, and while she still misses her sister she is feeling that she is at peace.

To contrast that there is a man who believed his brother was not at peace. He dreamt about him and in these dreams he was asking for his help. Although he knew he was dreaming, he still believed this was contact from his brother. 

Many people believe that they are contacted by the dead. Some claim there are familiar smells. My grandmother told us she could smell my late grandads' pipe tobacco for years. She sometimes felt that it calmed her, but at times reminded her of what she had lost.

Having watched John Edwards for so long, when my mum died, I felt I could not watch him for a few years. Now I am back watching it and I envy the people who get messages. I would love to know there is a way to contact those left behind, but wonder how easy it is.

Why do I often find things in the most obvious places when I have been looking for them for ages? I can come downstairs one morning and find the papers, or watch, or trinket or whatever in the seat I was sitting in the night before.

Is that my mum being helpful? She died in the house. Or is it a young man who also died while he was living here playing tricks and moving things in the first place?

Does anyone else have stories of ghosts or strange happenings?


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