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Watch Your Thoughts

Updated on April 26, 2011

Your surroundings, your job, your possessions, your house, your neighborhood, your car, in fact, every single thing in your life was created by your thoughts. You created it all and you are responsible for it all.

We have been told by the wise ones over the centuries, in one way or another, each telling it in his own way, that we become what we think about. In other words, we create our circumstances with our thoughts.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7

James Allen wrote As A Man Thinketh. This is his most famous work and if you have not read it, I encourage you to do so. You can download it free at various places on the web. It is a short but powerful book.

Neville Goddard, the New Age mystic born in Barbados, encouraged his listeners to live “the imaginal life”. Neville told of his father imagining what he wanted to happen, and only what he wanted to happen, and by doing so built a very successful business which exists to this day.

You do not have to be a holy, religious, or spiritual person to use your mind successfully in this way. In fact, Neville said openly that his father drank to excess and yet used his mind in this manner with great success.

All the teachers in the movie The Secret make the point that we create with our minds. If you have not yet seen this movie, I encourage you to do so. Buy, rent or borrow a copy. It is worth seeing.

What we see in our lives today is a direct result of what we have thought in the past. There is no way around it. We created it all and we are responsible for it all. This is why “there is no one to change but self”.

If we want our world and our circumstances to change, we have to change how we think. We have to work on ourselves and not on our family, friends, neighbors, the boss or the government.

We have to change, then our world will change. And we change by changing our thoughts.

If you wish your life were better – better health, more money in your bank account, a big new house in an upscale neighborhood, your own business, a shiny new Cadillac, whatever it is you want, all you have to do is change your thoughts today, and keep thinking those changed thoughts all day, every day, and watch the magic happen.

You may have to take some action, but it will be inspired action, and it will be magical.

Get rid of your “stinking thinking” now, and watch your life change in wonderful ways.

You will never be the same once you experience this.


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    • Ramsa1 profile image

      Ramsa1 6 years ago from A citizen of the World

      Thanks for reading my hub and for your kind comments, Seek-n-Find. I've been reading about "mind stuff" since I was a teenager. I've read so much stuff and have so many books at home on this topic. I've also taken the Silva Method Course and am currently re-reading The Silva Mind Control Method by Jose Silva, of course.

    • Seek-n-Find profile image

      Jenna Ditsch 6 years ago from Illinois

      I totally agree! Thank you for writing on this. I just wrote on a very similar's called, "Do You Think you are Free? Think again!" and a main focus was the power of thoughts. I'm not trying to promote myself here in your comments, but if you like reading about this stuff, you will probably enjoy the article. I included information from Dr. Caroline Leaf--have you read her stuff? It's great. Nice job!

    • Ramsa1 profile image

      Ramsa1 6 years ago from A citizen of the World

      Thanks for your support, Susie. I've been reading books by these modern gurus for longer than I care to admit.

    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 6 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Loved your literary references and the topic of the Hub. The Secret is one of my favorite audio books amongst Psychocybernetics and books by Anthony Robbins and Napolean Hill. Thank you.