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Waters of reflection: the macrocosm vs. microcosm (a perspective)

Updated on January 20, 2016

The microcosm and the macrocosm both reflect each other in many ways. Below is a simple example that is far from encompassing all evidence one might witness or discover.

Have you ever wondered why we stare at the stars?

Have you noticed how the universe itself can reflect a collective of the human microcosm?

We ourselves house our very own universe. What if we as individuals are the galaxies that make up the Earth’s universe and the Earth is part of the macrocosm that we see today?

Stars and galaxies die and new ones are born, some are ancient, much like those of us who have old souls and feel the vast presence of wisdom and knowledge as we connect with our awareness; while others are new to this earth and are beginning their individual path of discovery. Could there be a link between the two? Could our young and old souls represent the young and old galaxies seen amidst the night time sky?

Evidence that the universe is like one gigantic brain
Evidence that the universe is like one gigantic brain | Source

Galaxies eat one another in competition of the space they inhabit, as well as black holes that suck in everything that passes by their gravitational field; does this not resemble us? Doesn’t this appear like the destruction and depletion of natural resources we have on earth, destroying other ‘inferior’ galaxies (creatures) that are in our path (stealing other territories)? This is also evident in the natural world, where the behaviour of animals could be seen as colliding galaxies, as well as part of the microcosm of our individual consciousness. On a micro scale, this happens within our bodies… bacteria invade, others protect, and when you look at cell mutation such as cancer; does this not appear to represent a black hole eating and destroying everything around it? – Much like our impact as a species upon the Earth.


Quote from the above link:

"Our research proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that black holes can cause a number of cancers in human beings," stated Dr. John Locking of the Leymen Institute. "After several months of exposure to repeated micro singularities our 16 test primates began to develop cancerous and precancerous cells in various tissues throughout their bodies."

"This research will prove to be invaluable for the survival of our species," said Dr. Jack Shep, one of the scientists present at the conference. "As far as I know, no one until now has taken the time to research the effects of long term exposure to black holes. Current predictions are that in about 23 million years into the future, our solar system will be consumed by a black hole. Now we'll know more definitively what the dangers are."

Due to the above nature of the link being of satirical nature – here is a link from wiki that supports the notion that black holes can release gamma rays in collision, or when they are formed by collisions of supernova/hypernova and thus such radiation can present a devastating impact upon life on Earth.

Does the above quote and supporting information now feel a little coincidental in relation to the notion that the macrocosm reflects the microcosm and vice versa?

Let us reflect upon the idea that we are Earth’s cancer. If you see the world as though it is Earth’s body and the Earth has its own consciousness; all the new lethal diseases, illnesses and other forms of danger that threaten us today could be ‘medicine’, other measures in order to heal the gaping wound that we as a cancer have formed within its being. Then we return to the idea of reflection; maybe the reason it cannot heal the cancer by itself (we continue to grow in numbers and deplete the natural resources much like the cancer within our own body), is because its issues are a reflection of the microcosm expanding into the macrocosm and vice versa. Scientific research enables us to understand a mere fragment (our physical anatomy) of a complete perspective, however only understanding a fraction of the wider picture and only understanding that of which we can see, touch and experiment upon, we are lacking the whole view that may uncover answers and therefore find a cure towards our inevitable destruction of ourselves and beyond.

Above picture: Atom
Above picture: Atom

Quantum science reveals that atoms themselves are miniature universes, so does this not present a larger picture, that we are merely the body of something even smaller? Everything around us is built from atoms, and atoms are energy, therefore everything we see is a manifestation of this energy and therefore an illusion; an illusion we can touch, and interact with our physical senses. What if in the microcosm, atoms themselves is what desire interaction in their own tiny universes that are the cells that create all life forms upon this Earth, and what if those cells see the Earth and all its mysterious creatures as we see the stars of the universe?

“Here is an interesting perspective; cancer is believed to mutate from both internal and external influences. To show the effect on both the microcosm and the macrocosm, imagine that the atom’s individual universe was imbalanced, and those little galaxies (molecules) inside it were at war, consuming all the resources of that microscopic world. It then reflects that in the macrocosm; the cells are at war within our bodies, depleting the resources that enable our bodies to function, while on the outside we are destroying the world’s natural resources and a step beyond that, the black holes are consuming planets from neighbouring galaxies.

Turning the perspective around; we look towards the macrocosm, blaming external influences for our disease, our cancer. May it be the wrong diet, smoking, or any other researched influence, by blaming the external and not learning from the internal we continue to remain blind to a complete perspective and understanding. By killing the cancer of our cells, we do not acknowledge the cause of the problem; and this could reflect in the macrocosm of Earthly disasters knocking our population or in the microcosm where the world of the atom is being swallowed by the death of its universe (chemotherapy and other methods where the cells are destroyed). In many cases, the cancer is only contained, and the macrocosm/microcosm may still be unbalanced, where the possibility of the cancer’s return remains.”


What if the planets themselves represent on a larger scale the individual consciousness of greater beings? – And we are merely the cells that inhabit the body of that larger being.

Each one is alive, and each one creates its own illusion. Therefore, while we strive to gaze up at the stars and discover our true origins through our awareness and desire to explore the universe that we perceive, is it not also viable to say that the planets themselves seek their place in their own macrocosm, as well as the body of the universe above that?

It is hard to perceive such a vast and complicated scenario, and the more one imagines such possibilities in relation to the microcosm and the macrocosm, these ideas become infinite, confusing and hard to process. This is why I believe that to learn the mysteries of our universe, and what lie beyond, is to search within and master the whole microcosm of our individual beings. If we simply become aware of every tangible and intangible aspect of one’s self, then the innermost mysteries of our micro universe can come to light, and looking inwards we can begin to discover the origins of our own ideas, perceptions and reason for being here at this very moment in time.

As a result, the macrocosm no longer becomes as mysterious, vast and impossible to understand, because the macrocosm reflects the microcosm, and the microcosm is within each and every one of us; and after all, is it not easier to count the marbles confined to the palm of your hand, than spread across a wide, open floor?



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    • RichardMawby profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Mawby 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you for the comment Lana, I wrote this a while ago, but you have come to read it due to your individual journey, and I am glad you have found it and appreciated such words!

      Yes, indeed the outside world is simply a reflection of within and vice versa, and so what you propose is certainly possible - like a domino effect perhaps, if we change something within it can ripple outwards as well as further within through every dimension and universe.

      My current understanding leads me to conclude that the world we see is all but an illusion - as what we percieve it to be, it is - but if our perceptions changed in a collective manner, something that was could no longer exist or change into another thing entirely which is quite fascinating to ponder over, as it means that overnight the whole world can change in its form as even the most solid object is fundementally just energy and is what it is because of our perceptions, or at least that is what I currently believe.

      I wish you well as you continue upon your individual journey, and I hope you find everything that you are looking for!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I don't know exactly when you wrote this but I was looking for information on some insight I received while in my morning meditation & came across your writing.

      Thank you for expressing some of what I've concluded.

      When thinking of the Fibonacci sequence, it's infinite. What exists within us exists "with-out" us! As above, so below! It's so exciting. The one thing I wanted to see was if anyone else had considered that if Kundalini energy exists within us, it must also exist in the external world -- dormant just as we perceive it inside. If we reawaken it inside, that would most certainly mean it would be reawakened in out external world. Now that is HEALING & exciting!


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