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Way to Go

Updated on March 21, 2012

Most of us are caught up searching for the long lasting happiness. But, the question one has to ask is: Am I taking the right steps for it?

We often consider ourselves to be entangled in the problems and think that we are the only one who is suffering from the bad period.

What we don’t realize, is the fact that the happiness lies within us, only if we analyze and find out our purpose for living.

We can always learn from our surrounding nature, only when you make sure, the key is to be awake when the sun rises and sun sets.

Look at the newly blossomed flowers; or at the fresh green grass kissed by the droplets of rain; smell the fragrance of the wet mud, don’t you feel a soothing experience?

Try to find out the reasons to make you smile and if you don’t find one, then just look at the smile of a baby, your smile would come automatically.

Life is beautiful and it can be lovely only with your positive emotions. Remember, it’s your emotions and thinking that decides your aura around you. Many great Saints, Yogis have had a positive and vibrant aura around them as they always have believed in the power of positive thinking.

Man is a social animal and this society keeps us in bondage. We try to do things that we think would satisfy the society, even if we personally don’t like doing that. Don’t do this because your peace, contentment with yourself would be taken away. Do things that you enjoy doing. Materialistic happiness is there for a shorter period of time but it’s your personal happiness which accounts for your well being.

So often the situations of life are disturbing. One has to find out new ways to love, new ways to learn, and new ways to enjoy those conditions. By doing so, you gain the immense power and confidence in yourself like never before and you can control your life in a more meaningful manner. Don’t be egoistic or jealous as this kills your thinking capacity.

The best way to stay happy is to love, but it should be unconditional. Without love, life is meaningless. You cannot dance, celebrate, feel grateful or pray without love, says Osho. So learn to give love, instead of asking for it. Ask when was the last time you offered the help to someone in need, or when did you gave the undemanding smile to the person feeling alone? You can be happy only if you make others happy. The universe has the power to attract your thoughts and give you back what you think. So it’s better to be motivated and look for positive opportunities rather than cursing the present scenario. Nothing is static, life changes and person moves on, same holds true for the difficult situation as well. Don’t let yourself down; it’s you who can change your destiny and way of living entirely.

Try to practice meditation or yoga that will help you to connect with yourself. It is believed when you practice deep meditation, EM waves called theta and alpha waves of 4-12 Hz are generated from the brain, but are mostly in the range of 7-8 Hz. You can feel rejuvenated after doing deep and continuous meditation as it helps in the replication of good DNA.

Don’t let your mind stuck in the worries of the world; try to find out the hidden positive meaning behind the negative things. Lift it from the habit patterns, free it from running in the set grooves, and thereby develop fresh insights of positive nature into relationships, communication and events as well as philosophical realities and truths. Give your mind freedom from the consciousness and generate the new energy within your body.

If you become spiritual, you can discover the hidden power that will help you to achieve your dreams and aspirations and the power to remake your destiny if you choose so. Spirituality is an inner path to discover your true essence, to unlock the deepest values and meanings of your life.

Challenges and lessons are unique in every person’s life. The wisdom lies in the fact to find out the ways to win those challenges, rather than sitting and taking tensions. But if we try to bring distance between the problems and us, we find that they are not all that serious. That’s what Charlie Chaplin once said - When we look from close quarters, the size and gravity of our problems always seems to be big.

Learn to live your life king size and forget about the problems that make you unhappy. Destiny works in its own myriad ways, but you should always work to keep yourself enlightened to turn away your problems. Let the fresh energy squeeze into you with the help of meditation and disperse the negative thoughts, then, you can see the world around you changing and your problems getting disappeared. The key to long lasting happiness is you yourself. So stay positive and express your love and gratitude and you will see the world rejoicing in your arms.


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    • shwetha123 profile image

      Shwetha Shetty 6 years ago

      @Eiddwen Thanks for dropping by and for the comment.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting and thanks for sharing.