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The Law of Attraction at Play

Updated on May 29, 2016

Look at the options that are on the table, assess them and then go with the best option. Some people find other people really upsetting, somewhat unnerving. But the most important thing is to not let anybody else get to you.

Sometimes we can spend a lot of our time thinking and pondering. Thinking about things that are completely useless. How is this information useful to any kind of marketer? Any kind of content creator? To be honest it is not really that important at all. Most people are not going to take you that seriously if you keep behaving like this.

Ask yourself what other people think of you

When someone looks at you often they are just trying to sum up your best attributes. What makes you stick out from the next person? Why are these things the most noticeable?

I am here to tell you now that the reason why this happens is because most of the time people want to see results. They want to see what you have done before and what you are going to do in the future. The thing they do not want to see is some gibberish that nobody can connect with or want to use for any kind of benefit.

Other times someone is going to be left to their own devices and want to get something done in a way that actually will be beneficial. The most important thing here is that you are feeling that you are being useful and doing what other people want to see.

People at any one time are only ever doing what they feel like doing. Sometimes people will write them off as being annoying or maybe even being a little bit shallow. But they will end up listening to what they have to say.

Everyone else is at the centre of their own universe

Sometimes people are pretty good in their current situation and think,"oh wow, how am I ever going to make a contribution?" there is just so much noise they do not know where they fit in with everything that is going on around them.

The fact is that you should just stick to whatever it is that you are doing. You have the power and the knowledge to do things that are beyond what you even thought you were capable of. Sometimes you just have to reach out to people and they will start to see, they will begin to acknowledge you for who you are and the types of benefits that you can provide to people.

The most important thing I can draw from this is sometimes you have just got to go for it. At this point any contribution really is going to be cherished. People will see that you are making an effort, that you are giving it a go.

More often than not once people see what it is that you are doing they will then possible have more respect for you. It is at this point that you realise that actually what you are is of benefit to other people.

You can improve the lives of others

Wow what a great realisation this is, once people start to acknowledge that what you are doing is ok. At this point it is important not to stop what you are doing. At this point you will come to a serious turning point. You will realise that it is not about them it is about you.

At this point you will see that there are many people who want to see you thrive. The uncomfortable feeling that you felt before was because you were too far in your shell. You were timid, too afraid of their judgement to really put yourself out there and show people what you have got.

Of course just like anything it is about striking that balance with what is going on. The important thing is to not care what people think of you but still be mindful them. The challenge is to find the right balance. It is an extraordinarily delicate thing that even the best of us struggle to accomplish.

Keep going, don't stop

The important thing is to not stop. The worst thing you can do is to give up completely, you will pay the consequences for that later on. You will start to get that terrible feeling that you had before. It will creep back into you slowly and then it will come back in full force.

Keep working from the heart. To be mindful of what people want, of what people expect from you and to make the best contribution that you can. You need to have your eye on the prize. Don't allow people to distract you, but along the way have some fun and be mindful of their wants, needs and desires.


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