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Ways Your Spirit Guides Might Communicate With You

Updated on July 31, 2011

Communicating with you ain't always easy...

You would think that being our spirit guides, they would be easily able to communicate with us any time they need. I mean, most spirit guides are with us from birth, and sometimes even before that. Yet even if they know us better then we know ourselves, trying to communicate with humans is probably one of the hardest things to do.

Humans have a way of being to busy to hear, feel or see what spirit guides may need them to. Which means that they have to find creative and often subliminal ways to communicate with us. It happens quiet regularly, but most people don't have the slightest clue that it's happening.

Though for those who are either looking for the signs or whom are trying to be open to the communication, the messages are almost everywhere...

Through the Radio...

Have you ever noticed that when you're sad or unhappy, the radio usually has a way of playing the comforting music that you need at the time? Or when you're happy it will usually play songs that you love to listen to?

Our guides want to help us when they can and have some leeway in how things appear to us. When we're sad they want to comfort us, when we're happy they want to help us enjoy that feeling for as long as possible. When we seek answers, they want to help us find them.

The radio is a pretty popular medium for communicating with us humans when other ways don't work, so it might be interesting to start paying attention to those songs that pop on the radio when your listening. It could be a pattern of the songs that are playing that give you the idea of an over all message. Or it might be that in each song you hear, there appears to be a particular line that sticks out to you for no particular reason. You might even find sometimes that you come across the same song over and over again, even if you change stations several times.

Cloud Charades

Symbolism has often been a great way for beings from other planes to communicate with humans. The meanings of the symbols are often easy for us to understand, even if the overall message is still a little unclear. And often even when we don't get the message consciously, our subconscious still gets the message loud and clear.

So because of the ease of communication and the fact that symbols are great communication and we humans are usually staring up at the sky, communicating through cloud shapes is an often used method by our spirit guides. The only trick on our end, is figuring out what symbol the cloud shapes are making.

Is it a turtle? A boat? A rabbit? A doughnut? A house?

Random Thoughts

Have you ever had a weird and totally random thought pop in your head that made you wonder if that was even your thought? It seems logical that if the thought popped into your head, it must be your thought... and that's often what spirit guides are hoping.

If they can get you to think about the message by putting a specific thought into the mix of your regular internal gibberish, then they might be able to get the message through to you because it won't seem so "unnatural". This often works, but that doesn't mean you won't notice. It's just that most people brush aside the feeling that it wasn't their original thought and then go about their day.

When you get "that feeling"...

It could be de ja vu, it could be when you feel the stiffening of the hairs on the back of your neck or it could even be that strange time when you find yourself liking another person for no particular reason. There are many different situations when we might notice "that feeling"...

It is at these times that we are often getting a helpful hint from out guides. It's usually very easy to get the message this way as well. If we are in danger, even if there is no way we could know it, they will send the signal. If something seems oddly familiar to your guides, they might point it out. And so on and so forth.


Seeing times on the clock like "11:11" "2:22" and "4:32"??

This is known as synchronicity and is often the result of messages from your guides. Depending on the message they might be signalling that your on the right path, that your going to experience a change coming up or even that it's time to take it easy. If you get into a basic study of numerology, the messages become quite clear, especially when you start really paying attention.


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  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Definitely, thank you for reading it Kitty =)

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Loved it and fully agree with everything. Thankfully I've learned how to listen more carefully now...though I may not ALWAYS get all of their messages. :) Thanks for writing this.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I remember my father saying to my husband and I on our wedding day during his speech that "keeping open lines of communication was the key to having a successful marriage".

    I guess the same can be said of our spiritual guides and guardian angels whether we understand what is happening or not.

    Thanks for writing yet another interesting Hub Article.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Have become good friends with a younger couple. We have both been kind of mentors for one another. I'm taking care of their dogs while they are away. As I approached the front door I was startled when I saw the number 18. My birthdate.

  • GracieLake profile image


    7 years ago from Arizona

    Thanks for posting this. I'm a firm believer in these things.

    Here's one that happened to me today: the phone rang with nobody there, and caller ID could not "compute" so all it gave me was 00000000. That's a first. I hope it means I'm on the right path!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I am currently keeping a spiritual journal to document my experiences with meditation, dreams, symbols and other experiences. I can recognize my spirit guides by emotions and have named each of them. I'm relieved to know it is ok if I have not seen them yet. I will continue to meditate in order to connect with their energy frequencies. More information about spirit guides would be great.

  • Danette Watt profile image

    Danette Watt 

    7 years ago from Illinois

    I agree that we are often too busy and self-absorbed to listen to ourselves and take heed of the signs around us. Interesting hub, glad you wrote it. Voted up and interesting

  • BizGenGirl profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lake Stevens

    Sure SubRon, feel free to send it to me

  • SubRon7 profile image

    James W. Nelson 

    7 years ago from eastern North Dakota

    BizGenGirl, I am very much a believer in the "unknown" but very rarely experience it. For years and years I kept having a dejavu experience, whenever I was in a new town I would reach a certain street with certain "props" I would see a girl across the street, I was always "walking" in the experience, even though I usually was driving, and I would always "start" across the street and that would end it. As I said this went on for years, until I discovered that street right in my home town. I didn't find the girl but the dejavu experiences ended.

    After the experiences ended I wrote a short story (about 3000 words) about it. Would you care to read it, and analyse it?

    I could send it as an attachment in email....


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